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August 31, 2017

French producer Kidswaste, who’s also a member of super collective Slow Hours, follows up on his recent remixes of Petit Biscuit and What So Not with a breathtaking new original named Fade, featuring New York indie folk brothers Hunting Stories on beautiful vocals. Fade is a majestic charging chill electronic song brimming with heart bursting emotion. “I met Hunting Stories around two years ago when I was just getting into producing”, says Kidswaste. “I loved their sound and told them I wanted to collaborate in the future with them once the opportunity arose. In late 2016 we revisited the idea and decided to start something. They sent me the vocals for ‘Fade’ and I instantly fell in love with it. I got most of the main ideas done in five hours, it was all really organic and it’s definitely come to be one of my proudest projects. ‘Fade’ feels really indicative of where my sound is heading and I’m really excited to share it”. The song they’ve crafted together is like Ry X and Of Monsters And Men gone diaphanous dream folk and earthy chill house, with a bit of filous’ mellow stirring, organic strumming timbre in its foundations. Purchase Fade, here.

June 20, 2017

The sheer amount of production talent that makes up supergroup Slow Hours is jaw dropping. The French collective involves Lain, Kultur, Astre, Khamsin, Kidswaste, and Rusty Hook. They first rocketed out of France four months ago as a united front on an exceptional remix of What So Not and Ganz’s Lone, featuring Joy. They’ve now given Petit Biscuit’s Sunset Lover the an epic transformation. The summer breezy, wistful nostalgic aria goes grand atmospheric on Slow Hours’ remix. Its orchestral magnificence reminds me of British composer Max Richter. But then that symphonic narrative explodes into vibrant fireworks. Electro house, future bass, and dubstep fuse together robustly to create a widescreen reel of technicolor brilliance. This tour the force sprawler is on the new Sunset Lover Remix EP, out now and available from iTunes, here. The six track release also features edits by Daktyl, Bearcubs, Clément Bazin, and OTR.

January 24, 2017

Heads up, electronic music loving kids! A new “supergroup” of French producers has formed, and their name is Slow Hours. Lain, Kultur, Astre, Khamsin, Kidswaste, and Rusty Hook have combined their bountiful talent to give us Slow Hour’s first track, a turbulently exhilarating and tremulously gripping remix of What So Not and Ganz’s Lone, featuring JOY. This ruffled intense bass and trap remix is wildly tempestuous yet chromatically stunning, a ferocious gleaming eruption of gut punching beauty. What So Not promises a full Divide and Conquer remix package soon. In the meantime, you can stream or purchase that EP, here. Slow Hours’ Lone remix can be downloaded free, here.