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March 28, 2018

Even though it hasn’t been too long since we watched an amazing performance by fast rising indie troupe slenderbodies right here in San Francisco, we made sure we caught the Los Angeles duo in SXSW earlier this month too. In fact, we practically stopped by the Majestic Casual showcase just for them, even though we were blown away by many of the other performers that evening, too. While ‘anemone’ will probably be our forever love, we’ve fallen hard for every one of the pair’s slinky smoldering tunes, including their groovalicious cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel. It’s an immense treat to have returned from Austin to a fresh remix of Niall Horan’s pop hit On The Loose by the duo. Gooey luscious vocal harmonies and a whole lot of muggy heat abounds on the vibey edit, as expected. slenderbodies is currently gearing up for their tour with PVRIS next month. In case you missed any of our prior slenderbodies features, get on them now, here.

March 12, 2018

Ever since we came across Anemone nearly a full year ago, Los Angeles indie duo slenderbodies has been one of our favorite bands to watch. We even made sure to catch them when they made their trip out to San Francisco a few months ago, and we’re immensely elated to see their buzz picking up exponentially ahead of their SXSW debut. slenderbodies’ slinky strutting, hazy stirring combination of indietronica and psych pop immediately reeled in this Glass Animals and Alt-J loving heart, and I was thrilled when the group covered MGMT classic Electric Feel live. I know I wasn’t the only one, considering the way the sold out crowd responded with endless joy. Now, we all get to groove out to the smoky gliding, plucky shuffling jam, thanks to an official recording of said cover. If you managed to miss out on slenderbodies’ acclaimed EP, Fabulist, you need to get on it, now. Stream an extended version of Fabulist, here.

January 17, 2018

slenderbodies has deservedly become the talk of the indie scene after a splendorous 2017 in which they released break out hit Anemone as well as a stellar debut EP and an incredible remix of Zhu’s Hometown Girl. When the Los Angeles based indie duo headlined a show in San Francisco a few weekends ago, I made sure to make it out to catch one of my favorite rising acts, and I was prepared to dance to my heart’s content to their slinky indietronica and breezy whimsical psych pop, which oft reminds listeners of bands like Glass Animals and Alt-J, but with a heady infusion of psychotropic electronica. The pair dazzled us with their songs, and I danced in sync with a euphoric crowd, sure I was fortunate to see the duo in an intimate space before they play the big stages. Since then, slenderbodies has released an extended version of their Fabulist EP, and I’m overjoyed that it includes this new song, ‘blood to gold’, a perfect serving of their sooty wagging, breathy gusting, and guitar curling indie/art electronica. Stream slenderbodies’ Fabulist Extended EP, here, and mark these guys as rising stars.

December 5, 2017

If you were to demand a short list from us detailing our favorite emerging bands and artists of the moment and who we believe will really make some waves in 2018, there’s no doubt that we’d include slenderbodies on that list. I’m pretty certain that IHM was one of the first blogs to share their music earlier this year, and we’re absolutely elated to see them picking up the buzz they deserve over the course of the past few months. The Los Angeles based indie band, now signed to Mind Of A Genius records (ZHU, Gallant, Klangstoff, THEY., and more) caught our attention with ‘anemone’. Immediately, their slinky and whimsical sound caught our fancy and reminded us of favorite bands like Alt-J, Foals, Glass Animals, Hundred Waters, and The Antlers. They’ve since released a mind bending remix of ZHU’s Hometown Girl as well as a new single named Lucid, which they now follow up with ‘amnesia’, a breathy chugging, breezy fluttering escapade that sits somewhere between label mate ZHU’s rich guttural house and Glass Animals’ peanut butter vibes. Shrewd shifty, murky prowling  ‘amnesia’ is a new taste from a much anticipated EP entitled Fabulist Extended, arriving January 11th. Keep a close ear on slenderbodies, folks. And make sure you check out their other songs on Soundcloud, here, if you haven’t yet. Just be prepared for some major infatuation.

November 13, 2017

I must say, it’s been a very fine month for a fan of slenderbodies like me. The Los Angeles based indie duo, who first stole our hearts away with addictive whimsical slinker ‘anemone’, gave us a stupendous re-imagining of ZHU’s Hometown Girl last week, which you can re-visit, here. Now, the pair have returned with an original named ‘lucid’. It woos us with sultry guitar picks and a moist muggy atmosphere before it picks up a propulsive beat and plenty of what’s becoming slenderbodies’ signature woolly warm, dreamy lush, and pliantly limber brand of art pop, indie rock, and indietronica. ‘lucid’ is like Glass Animals mixed into the gossamer beauty of Hundred Waters and inflected with the quirky elocution of Alt-J. At the rate they’re going, slenderbodies could very well be one of my favorite emerging bands of the year. Re-visit their prior releases on Soundcloud, here.

October 31, 2017

We were fast fans of slenderbodies when the California indie pop duo released their EP fabulist half a year back, a collection of songs that includes Anemone. I’m still much addicted to the slinky puckered, dreamy gleaming indie gem that feels kind of like Glass Animals mixed with Foals, Alt-J, Hundred Waters, and The Antlers. You can re-visit Anemone with us below. But before you do that, I highly recommend you check out slenderbodies’ brand new remix of ZHU’s Hometown Girl. They’ve given the track a brilliant indie electronic re-work that falls right in line with the smooth funk and slick guitars found on their originals. The remix is an indie house treat, a sublimely soothing yet muggy searing jam that evokes a cross between Portugal. the Man and Milky Chance. 

April 14, 2017

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April 13, 2017

I love the word anemone and how it rolls off your tongue. In fact, I like to goof around and add extra syllables to the word, too. Say it with me, anemonemonemones. Turns out, I also love listening to a song named Anemone, which comes by way of an indie pop duo from right here in California named slenderbodies. anemone, which is lifted from their new EP fabulist, is a slinky puckered, dreamy gleaming indie gem. It’s almost like Glass Animals gone dreamy with a touch of Foals’ art rock, Alt-J’s experimental folk, Hundred Waters’ surreal atmosphere, and The Antlers’ woolly fluidity. Yes, it’s quite the fascinating recipe indeed. You can stream slenderbodies’ new EP in full on Soundcloud. The pair invites us to join them as they float out to the sea for a story of adventure, bewilderment, and lucidity. Purchase fabulist, here.