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April 25, 2018

Sleeping Lion, originally from Boston but now based out of Los Angeles, the entertainment and arts capital of the nation, are back with an affecting new tune named Easy For You. It’s a melting tune that waxes melancholic and bittersweet over floundered love. Sleeping Lion, who’s also captivated us with their remixes in the past, fuses future bass inspired indie electro with their emotive alt pop on the remorse ridden ballad. The pair’s move to LA marks the start of a new chapter for Sleeping Lion, who are ready to take the world by storm this year. Easy For You, which is much too easy to fall head over heels for, is available via major platforms, here.

May 15, 2017

Ever since Sleeping Lion took a hold of us with their new single Stop It, the duo from Boston seems to be popping up everywhere. They’ve prepared for us a smorgasbord of deep feels and shivering good vibes for their latest track, a chill electronic remix of Zealyn’s Talk:Listen. The goosebump inducing future bass remix they’ve created is almost like a London Grammar and Imogen Heap collaboration gone nocturnal chill trap. Entering its shadowy soundscape is like diving deep into a beautiful abstract dream. The original comes off of Los Angeles siren Zealyn’s debut EP, LImbic System. This remix is the second of seven that will be released over the next seven weeks, culminating in “Limbic System: Reimagined” to arrive on June 9th.

April 21, 2017

Not only has this Salzinger fellow won me over with his latest remix, a riveting flip of Boston project Sleeping Lion’s Generous, but the enigmatic producer confirms his firm hold with the bevy of edits he released prior, too. I find myself totally entranced and falling into a profoundly meditative state as Salzinger’s fine texture and electrifying shimmers flick their way through my ears. His “sleeping lion” must be caught up in one surreal dream. This future bass remix is nothing short of breathtaking. If it is a dream, I’d be happy to be trapped within its confines for all time to come. Upon further inspection after such an impressive introduction, I’ve discovered that Salzinger must love some of the same bands and artists that I do. Check out his remixes of Portugal. The Man’s funkadelic single Feel It Still below. Then stream Salzinger’s take on Alt-J classic Breezeblocks, too. His remix of Sleeping Lion can be downloaded for free, here.

April 21, 2017

If this is how sleeping lions sound when they’re snoring away in their dens, I might consider slinking my way over to hang out with the dangerous felines. But I have a feeling they don’t sound quite as divine as how Boston’s Sleeping Lion does on their new single Stop It. And I’m more than happy to cower in the safety of my room instead, as the electro soul/downtempo pop duo’s song wafts ever gently through my ears and my little fluff ball of a house cat gazes at me harmlessly from the corner. Singer songwriter Nate Flaks and producer Noah Longworth McGuire have delivered a heartbreaking late night aria, an aching breakup ballad that tugs at our heartstrings tenderly yet firmly. Stop It is sprinkled with actual snippets of real conversations, street sounds, and an ex’s laugh, making it seem extremely genuine, heartfelt, and real. Sleeping Lion’s beautifully crafted aria will surely draw out plenty of deep sighs. It’s like a three way cross between Lido, A R I Z O N A, and The 1975. Snag the tune from various outlets, here.