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August 21, 2016

It feels like eons ago that Black Coast first emerged on our radar, though it’s really been just a little over a year. At the time, Stan Rapoport decided to take a solo path after his involvement with Prinze George, and he teamed up with vocalist M.Maggie on a gorgeous electropop debut named TRNDSTTR to embark on the new journey.  It’s been a long eight months since we last heard from Black Coast, and in the interim, Stan has developed a live aspect to Black Coast, putting together his own band and playing shows in New York. Some congratulations are in order, because he’s also signed to Ultra Music, and now his first single on the label is a gorgeous collaboration with Los Angeles based emerging talent Soren Bryce. Sleep Alone is atmospheric and grand, a rich, sophisticated synthpop ballad that feels like Florence Welch gone CHVRCHES. Sleep Along can be purchased now from iTunes.

August 10, 2016

A few days ago, a rising pop-soul artist from New York named STANAJ dropped a debut EP named The Preview, which has been climbing the charts since, having entered the Top 10 on the iTunes Pop Chart right away. I found myself obsessing over the tracks off this EP earlier today, my first introduction to this young man despite the buzz he’s already ignited. He’s even received a bevy of social media co-signs from the likes of Drake, Chris Brown, Brandon Jennings, and more. Sleep Alone is a fiery intense, passionate burning track from The Preview, but a taste of the artist’s prowess and talent. It’s a catchy and urgent R&B soul anthem, full of energy and brimming with vivid production. Treat your ears and heart… check out this rising star’s The Preview EP in full on Soundcloud and purchase from iTunes.

Sleep Alone remix and 2 parts of a 4 part 2DCC documentary

August 31, 2012

Two Door Cinema Club announced a great deep house remix of their new hit single Sleep Alone. It’s titled the Whatever Whatever Remix. Also, they have a 4 part documentary they are releasing part by part. Right now, 2 parts are out for viewing pleasure on Youtube. Stream the remix and those first two parts of the doc below and try to get your fill of red hot awesome Irish band 2DCC! They’ve done a superb job on their sophomore album. They’ve solidified their status as here-to-stay dance-punk rockers.

Sleep Alone (Whatever Whatever Remix):

What We See documentary parts 1 and 2 (out of 4, last two yet to be released):

OFFICIAL VID: Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

August 8, 2012

Woohoo! New video today from 2DCC for Sleep Alone off their upcoming new album Beacon. Seriously, is there ever a 2DCC song that isn’t great? Freaking A! They’re just too good. They’re just too good live too. Go see them. They’re on tour for Beacon shortly!

New Two Door Cinema Club

July 19, 2012

Yes! Two Door Cinema Club released their new single Sleep Alone off upcoming album Beacon. You can also download the song for free for 24 hours only at their website here. Stream the lyrics video below. Tourist History was probably one of the catchiest albums of 2010. Every song on the album was memorable and good. I’m very eager to hear how Beacon holds up as a sophomore release.