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June 7, 2016

There’s very little I know about this producer named daydreamer, other than the facts that his name is Chris, and he makes breathtaking electronic music. Today, he dropped a tune named Skyscrapers. Its effervescent beauty and vast expanse quickly evoke the sort of music we love from Porter Robinson. Is there any more fitting name than ”daydreamer” when it comes to such reverie inducing, epic sweeping and melodic atmospheric electro? Skycrapers comes from daydreamer’s Senses EP, due out Friday June 10th on iTunes.

OFFICIAL VID: OK Go – Skyscrapers

March 29, 2012

My gosh, I feel like OK Go keeps themselves so dang busy endlessly! They just released a video for their song Skyscrapers, complete with a ton of tangoing and requisite bright colors. The bluesy sultry song seems a huge departure from their usual sound, and though the video looks cool, it’s nothing like their usual crazy meticulous videos with all kinds of stunts and setups. It’s still unique and a cool concept though!