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June 28, 2017

I know this one’s been making the rounds for a large part of the month already, garnering support all across the board, but we’re still super excited to drop on some Amelia Airhorn, in case you haven’t caught wind of this buzzing new project from New York just yet. So, who exactly is Amelia Airhorn? A new production auteur? A surprise starlet here to shake things up? Not quite. Amelia Airhorn is in fact a mega collaboration between The Knocks and Skylar Spence, and they’ve already released a buzz worthy mixtape, or album, named ‘The Knocks & Skylar Spence Present… Amelia Airhorn’. The trio of talented musicians take us right to the heart of New York on a hot steamy night with this disco spectacular, which you can stream in full, here. NY is Red Hot is one of the highlights of the album, a 70′s roller rink ready, neon twirling, churning bop of a classic banger. You can download Amelia Airhorn’s album in full, here, and trust me, you’re going to want to take this one for many a spin this summer.

January 7, 2016

Skylar Spence dropped an incredible first album under that moniker last year, one that so many of my music friends were and are still enraptured with. I even brought the album with me on my trip to Europe back in October. Though I love a lot of songs on Prom King, I Can’t Be Your Superman is undeniably a favorite. Skylar Spence goes full force funky fresh on the nu-disco song, leaving far behind those early atmospheric and mellow Saint Pepsi days. Today, we’re re-visiting I Can’t Be Your Superman, because it’s too good, and because the New York based talent just released a somewhat bizarre but very entertaining video for the single. Prom King is available on both iTunes and at Carpark. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch Skylar Spence when he tours to Oakland later this month with the great Madeon.

September 16, 2015

On Friday, Skylar Spence, whom we’ve been following along with since he was releasing music under the name Saint Pepsi, will be dropping his Prom King album, a record that seems to be highly anticipated by many across the board. While we still have a few days before Carpark Records lets the record loose on us, Skylar Spence and his camp have been generous enough to give us an early stream of the full album on Soundcloud. Joining many of the grooving disco funk and uptempo pop songs on the album that I’ve already shared is this languidly peppy charmer, Fall Harder. It’s the sixth glowing tune off Prom King, and its laid back retro disco dreaminess is nostalgically soothing. The still so sleek choppiness near the end of the song will lift you right up into space. Stream Prom King here, and pre-order on iTunes or Amazon.

September 2, 2015

Skylar Spence, once known as Saint Pepsi, is knocking irresistible jams out one after another to lead up to his highly anticipated album Prom King, out September 18th via Carpark. On new reveal I Can’t Be Your Superman, he seems to refute his own song title with a super human delivery of sublimely grooving electro disco funk goodness. I hope you’ve been practicing your disco dance moves, because come September 18th, it’s going to be one epic dance party. Pre-order Skylar Spence’s album, here.

August 27, 2015

Skylar Spence, formerly known as Saint Pepsi, has been making huge waves with his recent music under the new moniker. He’ll be releasing a sure to be beloved and acclaimed album named Prom King on September 18th, off which we’ve heard some spectacular tunes, including a highly spirited French house meets disco anthem named Can’t You See. In an unexpected surprise of pure delight, Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth has offered up a remix of said track, giving it a colossal transformation that takes it into the Ryan world of twinkling, spacious enchantment. You’ll want to sway slowly to this nostalgic beauty, and let your mind take off on all sorts of imaginative, magical journeys. 

July 30, 2015

In case you missed the memo a short while ago, Saint Pepsi is no longer Saint Pepsi, but is now known as Skylar Spence. Plus, he’s been dropping some red hot jams under the new name, too. Though Saint Pepsi first lured me in with a very chill and nostalgic drifter, his recent songs have been far more dashing and upbeat. On latest single Affairs, he seems to blend the two spectrums together with a very twinkling, dewy eyed, and chillwavey approach. Hazy reverbs and lo-fi mistiness give Affairs loads of affecting nostalgia. Affairs is a new taste off Skylar Spence’s highly anticipated album, Prom King, out September 18th on Carpark.

June 20, 2015

If you’re wondering who the heck Skylar Spence is, trust me, you know him. I’ve shared with you some killer tunes from this producer over the past couple of years. Skylar Spence is none other than Saint Pepsi! I recall hearing he was having trademark issues with his name. Under the new moniker, Skylar Spence sweeps back on to the scene with a massive summer anthem, a crunchy funky dance song, Can’t You See, which bursts with French house meets roller-disco energy. It’s a far cry from the first Saint Pepsi song that quickly stole my heart so long ago, his melancholic, atmospheric Unhappy. Skylar Spence is obviously is a talented producer with tons of versatility. Can’t You See is Skylar Spence’s first single from his forthcoming album Prom King, out September 18th via Carpark Records.