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September 29, 2017

No matter what kind of midnight pool party you prefer, this Australian synth duo can make it better with their music. They’ve dished out some frisky swaggering treats in the past, but Midnight Pool Party goes the chill funky, laid back swervy route this time around on new nu-disco meets deep house single Signals. It’s muggy yet not stifling, steamy yet cool, a wavy luscious late night suitor for some blissful swaying and plenteous desirous crushing. Stream/purchase the plush and ritzy gem, here.

September 15, 2016

While I can’t help but feel sad that our School Of Seven Bells journey is drawing to an end, I also can’t marvel at the fact that the beloved New York band has been able to put out an album as splendorous as SVIIB despite the tragic passing of Benjamin Curtis. I suppose we’re rather fortunate that they’ve given us such a magnificent farewell gift. The new video for album track Signals is going to be one of their very last, and it’s a slick flashy, stylish captivating treat well worthy of Signals’ fearless whirring shoegaze and dreamy electro pop. School Of Seven Bells explains that the song is an ode to all the music they grew up loving as kids, the very music that inspired their own creativity processes. If you haven’t listened to SVIIB yet, you’re missing out, plus it’s the closing chapter of a spectacular career sure to resonate within our hearts forever more. SVIIB is out on iTunes.