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July 25, 2017

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter will obviously go down in electronic music history as a timeless classic and one of the seminal dance tracks of the decade. As such, we’ve had plenty of remixes crop up from all sorts of musicians and producers, but none have sounded quite like this one from KRILLA, a production project from Toronto. He explains that he wanted to remix one of his all time favorite tracks to show it some respect. KRILLA even adds in a little psy trance (which brings back good old memories for me) on his dark and menacing yet wickedly exhilarating edit. It’s a bass trilling tech and dubstep exposé that takes us on an intergalactic adventure, where we’re ready to battle anything that comes at us out of the mysterious void of deep space. You can snag the stand out remix, here. For another taste of this Toronto artist’s edgy electronoic music, stream KRILLA’s original, Lunatic, below.

May 4, 2017

Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter could very well go down as one of the timeless electronic classics of the 2010′s. In fact, every time I hear it’s chiffon melody, I already find myself overwhelmed with nostalgia, and it hasn’t even been long since the world danced to their hearts’ content to the song while the beloved production talents toured the world together. Today, we revisit its glowing beauty via a remix by Montreal’s Robotaki. The producer explains that the song will always have a special place in his life (as it does with so many of us). He goes on to say that Shelter has been an inspiration, even showing him the “richness of music and beauty of friendship.” Robotaki captures those emotions with his gorgeous remix, which takes off into the stratosphere with ethereal surging synths and a choppy radiance (plus an intensely shuddering ending that is far too enthralling). It’s a breathtaking edit that stays true to the original yet launches us even deeper into the vacuum of space with our hearts filled to the brim with contentment and joy.

May 4, 2017

There’s nothing that feels mechanical or robotic about Machineheart and their music, and this is none the more apparent than on the Los Angeles based alt pop project’s cinematic brooding new single, Shelter. The raw cathartic pop anthem teems with tumultuous emotion. Swarms of dark haunting beats inhabit Shelter’s bass heavy electronic arrangement, while vocalist Stevie Scott delivers a sensational performance that rivals the sultry heat and smoky fortitude of BANKS and Verité. Shelter feels like a dangerous escapade, a foreboding seduction, or a fleeting tryst that will surely end in woe and tragedy. Machineheart is currently finishing up their tour with LANY. Find out more about the final dates, here.

December 3, 2016

Though I had a jolly good time visiting Vietnam and Cambodia last month, one of my greatest regrets during my wanderlust indulgence was the fact that I had to miss Porter Robinson and Madeon’s sold out performances whilst on tour in San Francisco. I can only imagine how legendary the two production heavy weights were on tour together. At least I can find momentary solace in a fresh new remix of their collaborative hit, Shelter, by British producer Mat Zo. Shelter gets a complete makeover under his fine tutelage, turning into a dreamy ambient, sunkissed breezy progressive house track. Golden washed bongos lull us deep into the jungle before chunky synths and bursting beats rev up the energy level on this magical carpet ride through the cosmos. Mat Zo captures the beauty of the original to the tee but in a very different manner with his remix. 

November 26, 2016

After having two stellar nights at The Bill Graham in San Francisco, I find this future gem of Porter Robinson and Madeon’s ‘Shelter’ by Irvine product Fook. The synth’s and drums conjure images of Tron-like beings having their systems reprogrammed. I’m not complaining though.

October 19, 2016

It’s likely you’ve already watched the new music video that surfaced today for Porter Robinson and Madeon’s massive collaborative effort, Shelter. But it’s also more than likely you want to watch it again, anyway. Porter himself created the story for the anime film, a visually stunning, deeply moving story about Rin, a 17 year old girl who lives in a futuristic simulation in complete isolation, stuck in perpetual loneliness. She awakens each day in that virtual reality and uses a tablet to create new worlds for herself, but then things take a poignant but sweet turn. This is a brilliantly fashioned music video that will leave many eyes misty. The video, its story, and its exquisite animation are a perfect fit for Shelter’s dreamy wistful, satin ethereal tone. And it’s likely adds fuel to the excitement inferno burning within many fans still waiting to catch Porter and Madeon on tour together. 

September 3, 2016

One can always expect sonic brilliance and some tantalizing thrills from Luca Lush. He also seems to be one of the most prolific producers of the moment, considering what feels like a never ending steady stream of new jams, each one as high quality as the next. For his latest spellbinding presentation, Luca Lush takes on Porter Robinson and Madeon’s mega collaboration, Shelter, giving it chunky bass, sprightly beats, and quivering synths. Luca Lush pulls in a myriad of genres into his hyper active remix, from dubstep to hardstyle to future trap to electro. This is a roller coaster Shelter with some dark, savage moments, certainly not a demeanor we normally associate with either Madeon or Porter. Luca Lush’s high powered remix is a free download, here.

August 15, 2016

Something as monumental as a collaboration between production greats Porter Robinson and Madeon must have spread like wildfire when Shelter first surfaced three days ago, but it would be an egregious mistake for any electronic music head to miss out on this satin coasting beauty. To make sure this doesn’t happen, let’s delve into the saccharine bubbling electronic anthem altogether. Shelter is full of incandescent wonder, just like many of Porter Robinson’s songs on Worlds, yet it’s also unmistakably electro house vibrant, twirling and flexing dreamily with much Madeon aplomb. The two electronic virtuosos will be heading out on tour together across North America this fall. It’ll be a grand affair to catch Shelter live on one of the tour dates. Learn more about the Shelter tour, here.

July 15, 2015

Swedish producer Tobtok drops a red hot original in the form of Shelter, which features spectacular vocals by Alex Mills. Tobtok brings his impressive toolbox full of crisp beats and cool nu-disco luxuriance on the summery deep house single. This second soulful and stately original from the always thrilling producer will be released on August 28th via Good Soldier. 

February 17, 2015

You might recall I shared a debut song, Visions, by a new London based singer songwriter and producer going by the name Lyves last year. Turns out, an acquaintance is her manager and they’ve just released her second soulful electronic pop tune and first track off Lyves’ debut EP, to be released in spring. While showcasing Lyves’ exceptionally powerful and bottomless vocals, Shelter also moves with such intoxicating passion and luscious sentiment. It’s a riveting, lavish song that starts out brooding and downtempo, but slowly builds to such heights of bursting radiance. Though moody and smoky, Shelter is also incredibly warm and a potent heart tenderizer.