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January 20, 2017

I concede it’s been only a day since we last enjoyed a remix of Disco Fries and Shanahan’s Is It Over featuring Shy Martin, and to be accurate, Disco Fries own edit, too, but West Coast duo BL3R’s interpretation of the wildly infectious gem can’t wait any longer. Shy Martin’s breathy voice has never been more honeyed entrancing when framed in BL3R’s epic sprawling remix. This melodic dubstep rendering is as breathtaking gorgeous as it is a potent rush of blood to the head. You can also stream BL3R’s remix on Spotify or purchase from Beatport, here.

January 18, 2017

It’s been a few short months since Disco Fries and Shanahan teamed up on torrid stirring future disco anthem Is It Over, a honeyed splendorous beauty featuring breathy enchanting vocals by Shy Martin. NYC’s Disco Fries has given their own song a makeover, ramping up the beats per minute as they turn Is It Over into an island ready frolic. This future tropical remix is as weightless breezy as they come, a jubilant bouncing soiree among the clouds. The frisky playful romp can also be streamed or purchased on Beatport and Spotify, here.

October 1, 2016

The torrid stirring future disco vibes on Is It Over are astounding. They shimmer and glisten, shimmy and twirl, inebriating me fully to such a point that I find myself praying that the track never ends. Is It Over comes at us hot from American production acts Disco Fries and Shanahan with honeyed pouting, breathy sweet vocals courtesy of utterly charming Shy Martin. The producers perfectly balance disco groove with future bass, giving us a steamy sizzling beauty somewhat like The Knocks gone future. Is It Over is out now on Enchanced Music. 

September 16, 2015

Let’s make the rest of your day, or what’s left of your night, intensely majestic and magnificent. Turn the volume up, and get ready to rocket straight into the sky with a burst of uplifting progressive energy from this remix of Thomas Hayes & Joni Fatora’s Neon by American producer SHANAHAN. Exhilarating and exquisitely stirring, SHANAHAN’s Neon is one that will leave only the strongest of optimism and hope pumping through your veins. The remix, along with a number of other ace remixes, are available now on Beatport.