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April 30, 2018

It’s been almost a year since we last heard from San Francisco’s own Cathedrals, and over three years since they released their acclaimed debut EP Blush on Neon Gold Records. Just as we were starting to wonder whether we’d ever hear from our hometown favorites again (and ready to bawl our eyes out at their absence), the synth and alt pop duo are back with pure sonic gold on new single Hits Me Like a Landslide. Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin even kick the level of their brilliance up several more notches with the exceptional tune. Hits Me Like a Landslide, the first single from a new set of songs they’re finally ready to share with us throughout the rest of this year, features lines lifted from the pages of love letters. It’s also the first single to feature Johnny on lead singles since Cathedrals’ debut single Unbound. Hits Me Like a Landslide is a tidal wave of emotions, a passionately gusting, sonorously soaring synthpop epic that seems to meld CHVRCHES’ electropop with The Naked And Famous’ lush soundscapes and Twin Shadow’s voluminous grandeur. It’s a gloriously gut-punching torrent of tormented anguish, assembled ever so flawlessly with sleek retro synths and the duo’s resounding vocals. DoTheBay premiered the new single last Friday, calling it ‘among the band’s most evocative cuts yet.’ We fully concur with the assessment. Alternate streaming and download links can be found, here. To say we’re head over heels for Cathedrals once again, is an understatement. The same can be said about how excited we are to hear the rest of their new songs. 

January 24, 2018

We love it when local talent shines, and Oakland’s own There’s Talk is absolutely dazzling on their long awaited return, Give It Up. The moody droning, shadowy brooding song blends dream pop, shoegaze, synthwave, and slowcore altogether. These are all sub-genres we adore dearly, so you can imagine how hard we fell for There’s Talk’s intoxicating new single. Give It Up rolls, pitches, and yaws at a languid yet deliberate pace, like a vast undulating ocean on a peaceful moonlit night. It’s dark and bottomless, a meditatively gripping seance. To say There’s Talk has put us in an exquisitely introspective mood is an understatement. Give It Up is lifted from There’s Talks forthcoming EP, scheduled to arrive late next month. You can pre-order on limited edition 7″ via Bandcamp, here.

January 11, 2018

I know we promptly shared this song when it first came out last year, but we’re so fond of Raindrop and this Bay Area band, Hot Flash Heat Wave, that we simply can’t resist featuring the new music video that’s arrived today too. Plus, we could really use the “heat” on a cold January day like this one. HFHW pairs their surfy, grunge-y garage rock tune, a treat this Pixies fan can’t help but love, with a splashy chromatic music video shot right here in San Francisco. As mentioned previously, sunlit twangs and saccharine 60s vibes abound on this stellar jam, which is lifted off Hot Flash Heat Waves’ sohphomore album Soaked, out now via OIM Records. Snag from Bandcamp, here.