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April 4, 2018

I’m content now that Sevdaliza has finally made an appearance in San Francisco as part of Noise Pop’s annual festival back in February. Even though I’d seen her at SXSW a few years ago, the already riveting performance at the Sidewinder in Austin pales in comparison to the stunning display she put forth at the Swedish American Music Hall, where she brought along an immensely talented dancer to back up her bewitching performance. The Dutch-Iranian artist, a true master of all things sensual, anguished, and dark, released a new EP last week named The Calling. Among its enticingly captivating songs is this track, Soothsayer, a stringy haunting beauty that exhibits much of Sevdaliza’s magnetism through its serpentine alt-R&B and minimalist trip hop. There’s no turning away when Sevdaliza is baring her soul with her tremendous voice on the other worldly song. She takes us to an outlandish world with the track, yet keeps it intimate and so vulnerably human with her agony and woe. The Calling is available from iTunes, here.

March 1, 2018

It’s fitting that Dutch-Iranian artist Sevdaliza has released another new track but days after I witnessed her long awaited San Francisco debut last weekend. My only other time catching her live was at SXSW a few years ago, where I made it a priority to experience the visionary talent’s experimental R&B and dark electronic pop live. Throughout all these years, Sevdaliza has mesmerized me with her imaginative music, often dark, seductive, tortured, and anguished, as well as her ability to deliver the most unique and riveting visuals. While that SXSW stint at the Sidewinder was amazing, the tiny stage and the bright sun shining in didn’t afford her a chance to fully perform her multi-faceted art form, but the Noise Pop show she performed at last Saturday blew us away fully. A Sevdaliza show isn’t just about her spectacular vocals, or the glitchy haunting production of her music, but it’s about the movement, the emotion, the aura of it all. Try and imagine taking in new single Human Nature live, and you might get an inkling of what we’re trying to describe. The track arrives on the heels of last single Soul Syncable. Ghostly haunting, gossamer and twisted, but dripping with visceral human emotion, Human Nature is as gripping a song though more hushed than usual for this true definition of an artist. Sevdaliza is a performance art goddess, a superhuman vortex which we gladly fall into. You can’t help but gravitate to every voluptuous turn, every sensuous swipe, and every despairing whorl. Human Nature is available, here. Sevdaliza’s debut album ISON is a must listen, and you can find it, here.

February 2, 2018

We’ve been sounding the alarm on Sevdaliza for several years now, that’s how much we’ve been taken by the Dutch-Iranian artist’s sinuous twisting, eerie haunting music, a shiver inducing experimental blend of sensual R&B, dark pop, and trip hop inflected electronica. Her music is always gut wrenching and visceral, and the one time I was fortunate enough to catch Sevdaliza live at SXSW in Austin a few years ago, she blew me away with her stage presence and seductive performance. There was no taking your eyes off of the magnetic artist as she belted out her dusky, shadowy songs. Come this year’s Noise Pop Fest in February, Sevdaliza will finally make her San Francisco debut at the Swedish American (February 24th). I highly recommend you join us in adoring and idolizing the artist & her mesmeric appeal. Until then, entangle yourselves in her voluptuous snaking and murky haunting new song, Soul Syncable. It winds around us and bores into us. Like a snake under the spell of a snake charmer, we can’t help but writhe and bend in hedonistic exultation. Soul Syncable is available from iTunes, here.

November 21, 2017

Sevdaliza, the intensely magnetic Dutch-Iranian artist who released her debut album ISON to much critical acclaim back in spring, has been teasing us about an unreleased track ever since. Now, we finally get to partake in HEAR MY PAIN HEAL, as well as its dark and eerie music video. As always, Sevdaliza’s dusky electronic R&B and crepuscular trip hop is shiver inducing good. Its tremors and trills, swells and fluxes take us into a James Blake-esque dub heavy intoxication. Sevdaliza’s magnificent voice cuts through this thick unsettling atmosphere to lead us through a ghostly wasteland haunted by the sorrowful past, yet strangely and poetically so romantic. You can stream Sevdaliza’s album ISON on Spotify, here.

June 28, 2017

I’m always scanning my socials for the latest music news, and with all the fellow music heads that I have on there, I’m able to catch most of what’s going on in other parts of the world. I confess, I’m incredibly jealous that some of my pals down in LA had the pleasure of seeing Sevdaliza when she was in town. The last and only time I ever saw the gifted Dutch-Iranian artist live was at SXSW a couple of years ago, and she was sensational. Someday, I hope she’ll make it up to San Francisco, and I’ll get to experience it all once again. In the meantime, I’m relishing in the classy opulence and dramatic splendor that is her new music video for Bluecid, a haunting experimental R&B track off her excellent debut album ISON. Sevdaliza directed the video with Zahra Reijs. Her dance in an empty ballroom, with French adult film actor

François Sagat, is strangely sensual yet gut wrenching, just like her music. You can stream Sevdaliza’s utterly compelling full length, ISON, off Spotify, here.

April 27, 2017

Yesterday was kind of a big deal, because yesterday, Dutch-Iranian artist Sevdaliza, a long time IHM favorite, dropped her highly anticipated debut album ISON. In the days leading up to its release, Sevdaliza had unleashed a haunting track named Hubris, which you can stream above. Hubris, as you might know, is defined as excessive pride or self-confidence. As always, this visual and sonic artist of colossal talent (also a ridiculously impressive stage performer) explores the dark and visceral aspects of human nature in her twisted experimental R&B and warped electronic concoction. If it’s art you’re looking for, and meaningful art at that, Sevdaliza’s got you covered. In fact, you can stream her riveting debut album ISON in full below via YouTube, too. It’s a generous treat and one I’m eternally grateful for, especially since there isn’t a physical release for ISON (yet?). You can purchase ISON from iTunes, here

April 6, 2017

I’m infinitely excited for Sevdaliza’s debut album ISON. I expect it to be one of the most innovative and striking releases this year. The Netherlands based Iranian artist has been one of the most fascinating talents in the scene these last couple of years, giving us an experimental form of electronica and R&B that rivals that of FKA Twigs and James Blake, all delivered with haunting ferocity and visceral magnetism. Whenever I listen to Sevdaliza, I feel like I’m delving deep within myself, to the intrinsic, the innate, the truly intimate and the deeply rooted. Today, Sevdaliza unleashed another gripping taste from ISON. This time around, she’s created an abstract ode to motherhood, which brings to mind some of

Beyoncé’s recent artistry, except Hero examines the darker side of that love between mother and child. The spectral haunting piece is a spine tingling, poignant wringing listen that addresses rejection and betrayal. You can keep abreast of Sevdaliza updates and look out for more info regarding ISON alongside us via her website, here.

February 17, 2017

It’s possible you missed the exciting news that came by way of gifted artist Sevdaliza a couple days prior, but I gleefully pounced on it immediately, being the immense fan of hers that I am. In fact, I’ve been waiting an eternity for news of a debut album from the Netherlands based Iranian artist, so it’s more than welcome news that Sevdaliza will be releasing debut album ISON later this year. To mark the occasion, the experimental R&B artist has unveiled an entrancing music video for her silky shifting single, Amandine Insensible. A myriad of stock video was strung together to create this rather bizarre series of scenes. There’s an element of the mundane in every sight and spectacle, but a heavy atmosphere of discomfort oozes from its missing set pieces, its emotionless repetition, and its stony caricatures. This fits rather perfectly with the song. “I wish I could cry for help,” laments Sevdaliza, but here she is, stuck in these everyday poses, unable to break free from routine despite it being clear something’s very off. As always, Sevdaliza’s music is haunting, eerie, moving, and profoundly mired in the human condition. Amandine Insensible can be found on Sevdaliza’s phenomenal Children Of Silk EP, out on iTunes.

December 14, 2016

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December 13, 2016

As I look forward to next year’s SXSW which is really just around the bend, I can’t help but recall one of my highlights from this year. Netherlands based Iranian artist Sevdaliza was already high on my charts of must catch musicians when I headed out to see her in Austin, but she certainly cemented herself as an all time favorite with her mesmeric set, both sensual and haunting. As you can imagine, I can’t wait for a debut album from Sevdaliza, and my excitement burns maddeningly great with the arrival of a twisting, winding new single named That Damaged Girl which samples Andy Stott and features A$AP Ferg on bristling guest vocals and co-writing duty. Those familiar with past Sevdaliza features may recognize That Damaged Girl as a new version of That Other Girl. This seething mass of sonic ecstasy is a barbed flurry of sinister seduction, and its YouTube stream comes with some wicked cool comic book renditions of the artists involved, too. Having witnessed Sevdaliza’s larger than life stage presence in person earlier this year, I can attest to how fitting this visual interpretation of this incredible artist really is. I look forward to re-visiting That Damaged Girl during the darkest, quietest hours before an eventual dawning of day.