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February 3, 2016

Sean Glass dropped some spectacular remixes, his very first, in 2015, including edits of Robert Delong’s Long Way Down and Flight Facilities’ Down To Earth. They were a grand entrance for the New York based producer. I’ve been eagerly awaiting new Sean Glass since. Finally, after over eight months of production silence, Sean’s back, and not with a remix, but a wicked original. Sean teams up with fellow New Yorker Jay xero for a future and deep house extravaganza named We’re All Friends, one perfect for those Friday night hangs out on the town. The addictive, infectious electronic track carries shades of Slaptop funk alongside shifty, ZHU like vocals by Rochee. I have the sudden urge to call up some friends, get in my car, and cruise the city, bumping We’re All Friends with the windows down. Stream We’re All Friends on Spotify above or Soundcloud below.

May 19, 2015

After sweeping on to the scene with his first remix (Robert Delong) just over a month ago, then giving us yet another ace edit soon after (M.O), Sean Glass is back with a third treat for our eager ears. The founder of Win Music offers up a remix of Flight Facilities for his latest. Did you hear me? Flight Facilities! I love Flight Facilities, as do so many of my close friends, so you can imagine how incredibly, infinitely elated I am at this turn of events. Sean says that this is his favorite thing that he’s ever done, since Flight Facilities are particularly important to him. They were his first signed artist, and he looks up to the mas tastemakers and creators. Well, Sean… Flight Facilities is important to me too, and just a few bars of their music brings back so many fond memories of nights out raging to Flight Facilities with my best of friends, flying high on the Australian act’s intoxicating dance music. But Sean Glass takes intoxication to a whole new level on this remix of Down To Earth, the title track from FF’s 2014 debut album. While Down To Earth is already one of FF’s more atmospheric and cinematic disco house jams, Sean Glass expands that sweeping ambiance and paints an uplifting, inspirational tapestry of profound and soulful deep house. Of note, the release is related to the tragedy in Nepal. In his own words:

“The remix release has been made even more special to me because of recent events. We lost a good friend whom I looked up to–Dan Fredinburg. This past weekend, we memorialized Dan in a series of very special ceremonies I am so grateful to have been a part of. It was my privilege to play this track out for the first time at the party Dan instructed us to have, should he not return.
This week, there was another earthquake in Nepal. They really need our help. We have launched the Dan Fredinburg Foundation and already raised $100k. It only made sense that while I put effort into spreading awareness for my remix, I use that energy to help the causes that are really occupying my mind and heart–rebuilding Nepal and #LiveDan.”

May 5, 2015

Sean Glass made his debut a month ago with a sensational disco house remix of Robert Delong hit Long Way Down, an edit that tore it up on the hypem charts and had us salivating for more from the founder of of Win Music. Today, Sean drops a new one to satiate our hunger, and its a sexy jam. This time, Sean Glass brings in some bouncy, jagged two step and future garage vibes on his remix of London R&B trio M.O’s Preach. It’s a thrilling dance makeover with an infinite amount of infectious energy. 

March 25, 2015

I’m so incredibly happy that Robert Delong has gained some major traction with his recent single Long Way Down, after my friends and I have been huge fans of his work for some time now. Every time we catch Robert live, he drops our jaws with the sheer amount of drums and equipment he utilizes, solo, on stage. For a superb new remix of Long Way Down, we turn to Sean Glass, the son of Glassnotes Records founder Daniel Glass. The remix, which premiered on KCRW over the weekend, is a disco house laced take on the electronic jam. Choppy vocals and a thrilling tempo make for an instant banger. The remix is Sean Glass’ first release as a producer, and it’s a sign of much to come, I’m sure.