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April 17, 2018

Irresistibly contagious, scuzzy propulsive, and riotous yelping energy got us hooked on Bilk when the Essex three piece made their debut with Give Up last month. The band, who’ve received support from across the BBC board (Radio 1, BBC Introducing, etc), now follow that first single up with more of their raucous chugging garage rock on Spiked, solidifying themselves as an exciting British act to watch. As before, they remind me of Yungblud and Palma Violets with their buoyant, rugged sound. The track is about spiked drinks and the disconcerting adventures that follow from being an unsuspected victim of such a situation. Re-visit our Give Up feature, here, as we await more rowdy and unruly rock from Bilk.

January 13, 2018

Melina Duterte has become an undeniable source of sonic enlightenment and a cherished darling in the Bay Area indie scene under the name of Jay Som. I still recall encountering her music for the first time a few years ago. An elation washed over me, having found out that such immense talent inhabited the fine town of Oakland. Her debut album Everybody Works was a critics’ paradise, as well as fuel for every fan’s heart and soul. Jay Som returns this week with the announcement of a new 7-inch entailing two unreleased tracks that she recorded during her debut album sessions. First off, we get to listen to Pirouette, a truly pirouetting indie rock twirler, rife with scuzzy curling guitars and Jay Som’s dreamy lilting voice. Pirouette is like a softer, less ostentatious version of some of Torres’ earlier albums, which is a straight shot for my enamored heart. Pirouette will be joined by “O.K., Meet Me Underwater” on the 7 inch release, which can be pre-ordered, here.

April 27, 2017

Nashville trio Daddy Issues firmly gripped us with their debut songs I’m Not and In Your Head, and now that they’ve released yet another ace tune named Locked Out, it’s about time we all partook in their mellow simmering, chunky earnest rock together. Locked Out, like their prior offerings, is a lo-fi pop punk meets scuzzy rock ballad on which Daddy Issues waxes raw and sincere. It’s the sort of youthful & angsty, bittersweet & unsettled charmer that this fan of Snail Mail, Slothrust, Diet Cig, and plenty other spectacular indie rock bands can’t help but open my heart to. Daddy Issues is gearing towards the release of their debut album Deep Dream on May 19th via Infinity Cat Recordings. Pre-order, here. Stream prior singles I’m Not and In Your Head below, as I have plenty times already.