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May 9, 2018

Last Friday night will truly go down in my books as an epic evening at Popscene. Not only did I get to experience the sheer pleasure of a sold out headline set by Alma, but Norwegian starlet Dagny gave a stunning performance as the opener, too. Let’s bask in the beauty of her deep, luscious voice and sway in blissful hypnosis to her new pop song, That Feeling When. The track arrives with a lovely music video which, contrary to my personal preferences for warmth, actually makes me wish I were visiting a snowy landscape. The clip was shot in Dagny’s hometown of Tromsø while its live performance footage was taken from a special performance in Oslo. 

On the new song, Dagny said: “’That Feeling When’ is my first single in 2018. The song shows another side of me as an artist, with a more melancholic, epic and atmospheric sound. It was written on an early autumn day in the studio, on my favorite instruments, the Omni chord. The inspiration for the song came from the hashtag #ThatFeelingWhen, and was written from my personal histories of not only falling in love, but also sorrow. It will be the first of two singles that will be released before the summer, and I hope that ´That Feeling When´ can create a different feeling for the listeners than my previous songs.” Like the scenery in its music video, That Feeling When’s pop is pristine. Keep up with Dagny via her website, here.

March 1, 2018

Is it just me, or has the music landscape in Denmark been particularly fertile these days? Copenhagen based singer songwriter Jenny Rossander, better known as a soloist as Lydmor, adds to the area’s plentiful aural delights with her new single Money Towers. She was inspired by a six month stint living in Shanghai, which lead her to blend foreboding bass lines and bright synths on the first track from her upcoming album due this autumn. Electronica, dancehall, and pop intertwine on the track, reminding us of icy pulsing songs from the likes of Karin Park, Snow Culture, Nick and the Dove, and Kate Boy. “In the song I describe the feeling of roaming about in Shanghai and observing (and to some degree being blinded by) the material wealth symbolized in the imposing skyscrapers,” says Jenny, “The song also has a more sinister tone, considering that it deals with meeting new people while you’re in a state of disillusion. You’re worried that you might not notice or even remember the people you meet. It is quite personal and revealing.” Stream/purchase Money Towers, here.

January 25, 2018

Though I’m still rather dejected over the retirement of Swedish experimental electro-pop collective The Knife, I’ve been elated for the past few months over the return of Karin Dreijer Andersson’s other project, Fever Ray, who’d been silent for well over eight years before the sudden release of her sophomore album Plunge. Fever Ray’s strange and esoteric, dark and edgy electropop, much rooted in the macabre and gothic, is right up my alley, and I can’t get enough of Andersson’s new music. Today, Fever Ray shares a music video for Plunge track Wanna Sip, giving us some sinister and eerie visuals to go along with the icy droning, glitchy needling song. Fever Ray also announced a North American tour this week, which concludes in Oakland on May 26th at the Fox Theater. You can count on my presence at that show. It’s going to be a magnificent experience, no doubt. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my CD copy of Plunge next month, too. You can grab your own, here.

November 25, 2017

I just can’t resist dark glacial electronic pop, especially when it’s as intensely cinematic and grandly rousing as this song, Gone, from Sweden’s ionnalee. The artist is also known for her role in iamamiwhoami. As ionnalee, she bewitches us with an avant-garde form of electropop that evokes the likes of Kill J, Fever Ray, and The Knife. A clattering array of percussive elements keep us on our toes as we march alongside the song’s regal drum beats and ride on the plumed beauty of ionnalee’s pneumatic voice. The single comes with news of ionnalee’s first full length album, expected to arrive early next year. The release will explore our generation’s fear of oblivion. You can pre-order Afraid To Be Forgotten ahead of its release on February 16th, here.

September 6, 2017

Norwegian artist ARY continues her Scandi-pop ascent after releasing magnetic songs like Higher and Childhood Dreams (as well as collaborating with Coucheron) by sharing new single Already There on Petroleum Records, where she’s label mates with the likes of Aurora and Sigrid, also IHM lauded pop virtuosos. Prepare to dance as ARY takes us to great heights of pleasure with club-ready, punchy pulsating electronic pop on this larger than life, grandly evocative number. Highasakite, Aurora, and Robyn seem to intermingle and combine on the enthralling song. ARY, whose real name is Ariadne Loinsworth, has been carefully plotting her career path for the past 18 months or so. We’re eager to see how the rest of the year will unfurl for the compelling artist, who writes, performs, and produces her music. Already There is available from major retailers, here.

April 25, 2017

Norwegian quintet Highasakite has been a spectacular band to follow in the past several years. From their earlier folk flavored offerings to their later progressive electronic offerings, Highasakite has continued to evolve and strengthen, leaving us ever excited for what they might have developing for us next. The Norwegians re-surface with a sweeping composition on which they collaborate with Stargate, the prolific production team responsible for countless dominating hits who only recently stepped into the limelight to welcome deserved universal acclaim. Unlike some of Highasakite’s more urgent brooding pieces, new song 5 Million Miles is more of a triumphant and euphoric alt pop aria. Its regal clattering, beat propulsive production builds to a chiming vibrancy that recalls Felix Snow and Cashmere Cat’s handiwork, but its weightless sprightliness is also much distinct to Stargate, as we’ve come to realize now that they’ve released music under their name, alongside Sia and more. Stargate and Highasakite prove to be a divine partnership on 5 Million Miles, a more than enchanting dose of the band’s Scandi-pop. The single, out on Propeller, can be purchased from iTunes, here

April 21, 2017

Swedish chanteuse Frida Sundemo is nothing short of magnificent on new single It’s OK, a lush stringy, symphonic soaring pop piece brimming with bittersweet feels and pure glacial beauty. She transports us into a fairy tale world with the crystalline ballad, a melding of Aurora like icy enchantment and Lana Del Rey like warm cinematics. This absolutely spectacular song is out today on Cosmos Music. 

April 11, 2017

With a tragic name like No Longer Lovers, it’s easy to assume we’re about to delve into a mopey sulking ballad. But the song that Swedish singer songwriter Kassandra gives us is full of spice and grit. No Longer Lovers’ spacious booming, sparse pacing electronic pop is fierce and confident. That lover has been left in the dust as this warrior marches forward with steely resolve and a determined heart. If you need some courage and resolve after a heartbreaking event, Kassandra is here with some fresh bravura via her icy infectious, other worldly entrancing music.

April 11, 2017

I have a soft spot for the dark icy electronic pop that oft arrives out of Scandinavia. Oslo’s Ponette offers up a superb serving of edgy jabbing electropop on their new single, Freak. They’ve delivered a gripping song with serrated synths and glitchy beats. Freak is an edge of the seat thriller, a gutsy whirring spellbinder. “Push my buttons, make me feel alive, everything you do to me feels right,” Ponette sings on their song. Exactly. The single is out now on iTunes.  

April 9, 2017

The Box is a name loaded with intrigue and mystery. If The Box were a movie, I’d probably watch it in expectation of something fascinating and thrilling. Since it’s the second song from exciting new Swedish project Snow Culture, I promptly dove into it. I was elated for their return after the duo arrived last month on Neon Gold Records with scintillating first single No Sleep. As expected, The Box is a dark pulsing slice of icy Scandi-pop. Snow Culture has given us a dance ready spectacular that melds the icy elasticity of Kate Boy with the pumping euphoria of Robyn (particularly from some of her exceptional work with Röyksopp). If you happened to miss out on Snow Culture’s debut single No Sleep, you can give it a spellbinding whirl below.