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September 8, 2017

ASHA last entrapped us with her sultry and seductive electro R&B and pop on Medicine. It was an electrifying experience which shed plenty of light on why this South London singer songwriter is considered one of the UK’s more fascinating R&B artists on the rise. She’s made her long awaited return with her first song of the year by dropping a spicy flickering jam named Say My Name, and no, it’s not a Destiny’s Child cover. She exhibits plenty of grimy grit on the luxuriant and opulent R&B pop single, a fiery seductive, piquant rousing ode to unconditional love.

July 18, 2017

Guilty we are of being one of those silly fans who apparently couldn’t pronounce or even type Tove Styrke’s name correctly when she first cast a spell on us over three years ago (and I know many out there still make the same mistake, seeing “Stryke” instead of “Styrke”). I finally realized my egregious error when I caught the Swedish artist at my very first SXSW back in 2015, where she blew me away with her live performance and added fuel to my conviction that she’d be a massive star someday. Well, that day is swiftly approaching. Tove Styrke dropped one of her best and most infectious songs to date earlier this year in the form of Say My Name, and reeling droves of new fans by the day. An excellent remix pack for Say My Name was released last Friday, from which comes this punchy bright remix by Franklin. The spunky, sassy edit gives Say My Name a very Sigrid meets Maggie Rogers kind of feel, but with heavier hitting percussion, dance ready beats, and some island charm. You can check out the rest of the official remixes that just came out on Tove Styrke’s Soundcloud, here.

May 1, 2017

Tove Styrke was undeniably one of the most exciting singer songwriter’s to arise out of that expansive wave of new Swedish artists that swept the indie scene a couple of years ago. She was even one of my top buzzing artists to catch at SXSW in 2016. Yet she promptly disappeared for the past year to keep us guessing at what she might have brewing behind the scenes. This week, Tove has finally returned in punchy infectious form to put an end to our longing curiosity. Say My Name is a sassy playful love song and an irresistible follow up to her 2015 U.S. debut, Kiddo. The swervy pop song, whose bubbly charm rivals that of fellow Scandinavian it-girl Sigrid, is a feel good anthem to the utmost. It marks a new phase in this starlet’s ascent. Tove Styrke is reportedly poised to take 2017 by storm, which I hope can only mean far more new music from the Swedish talent. Say My Name is out now via RCA.

January 24, 2017

Whoever this mysterious newcomer True Myth is, it’s obvious the production project is no myth but the real deal. We’ve had a drought of sorts when it comes to new Odesza edits and I’m mighty happy this trio of fellows have spiced up Zyra featuring smash hit Say My Name in their own unique manner to please our ears. Lose yourself in that familiar melody and Zyra’s gorgeous voice all over again as Say My Name gets a snazzy resplendent, airy bounding makeover. The fizzy effervescent groover lights my feet on fire as I suddenly need to bounce my way all across the room to this future funky edit. True Myth’s fabulous remix is already up on hypem, here.

September 27, 2016

KNGDAVD reigns supreme when it comes to genre defying gritty searing music. That much was already apparent when we heard the mysterious New York outfit’s debut over the summer, Say My Name. They now follow up that track with a scorcher of a second song, POPPIES, fusing electronica, progressive soul, hip hop, and seething alt into an inferno of boiling passion. POPPIES is a free download, here. Revisit scintillating Say My Name below for more electrifying KNGDAVD intensity. Make sure you don’t miss out their tunes if you’re a fan of fellow cutting edge acts like Lewis Del Mar and Bishop Briggs. 

July 25, 2016

I’m on a splendid roll when it comes to stunning debuts this weekend. New New York based outfit KNGDAVD emerges with a gritty debut entitled Say My Name, and its a rugged coarse forward thinking mesh of alt pop, blues rock, and electro rock. Say My Name is part Awolnation, part Lewis Del Mar, and part Bryce Fox, a carnal gripping, resolute stomping sonic eruption. 

February 17, 2016

In all that is magnificent and glorious about Queen B, some may have forgotten, or even never knew (I know you’re out there, young ‘uns), that Beyonce was once a critical component of influential 90′s group Destiny’s Child, an R&B and pop outfit that soundtracked many special memories for those of us that came of age to their anthemic classics. 1999′s Say My Name is easily one of their most celebrated and loved songs. Lest you forgot how sweetly sumptuous and fiercely snappy the hook on that jam is, Brooklyn based producer N2N is here to give us a heavenly reminder in the form of a smashing deep house remix of said song. N2N’s Say My Name is a lushly banging flip, its pitch shifted vocals immersing us in soulful rapture alongside a flirtatiously plucky Kygo and Gryffin like groove. It bounces miles high, taking us along with each plump ascent, sending euphoric shockwaves through our bodies. Yes, we’ll say your name, N2N. Loud and clear, on the dance floor, in a sweaty mass of jubilation. Download N2N’s remix for free, here.

October 15, 2015

When you let soundcloud play and it finds a gem for you. ‘Say My Name’ gets a delicious deep future house rendering by Jay Latune. The original by Destiny’s Child was already a club hit and I would not mind at all hearing this in the clubs.

September 24, 2015

In some ways, it’s much fitting that I finish up today’s shares with a remix of an ODESZA tune. You see, I’m likely catching the Seattle duo when I visit Paris next month, and my excitement over that fact makes me feel like I’m floating, or dancing, on air. That weightless euphoria is captured ever so splendidly by Parisian producer Fakear on his dramatically textured and near profoundly spiritual remix of Zyra featuring Say My Name, probably my favorite track off Odesza’s phenomenal In Return album. There’s a slightly more pensive atmosphere to Fakear’s meticulously choppy and trappy remix, which was released as part of the EU Deluxe Edition of ODESZA’s In Return album last week. This leaves me wondering if Fakear will be seeing ODESZA next month at Le Trianon, too!

July 7, 2015

Big ups to Dutch production act The Him for introducing me to this budding young producer named Elior. Elior, also from Amsterdam, offers up a luscious and entrancing deep house re-working of Destiny’s Child classic Say My Name. It’s a thorough flip that gives the beloved original some major beach vibes and a succulent groove so enticing and intoxicating that I find myself completely inebriated on its sublime bass while waxing nostalgic over the long gone 90′s. Snag the sizzling track for free, here.