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September 30, 2014

Everyone, say hello to Santa Maradona F.C., an “experiment”, “an anonymous collective of globe-trotting musicians and producers dabbling with genre curving soundscapes and collaborations”. Intriguing, no? Give Me Sunshine is the collective’s debut single, a vibrant, endearing song that features vocals by newcomer Lucy Spraggan, whom the collective found in a video online and wrote to out of the blue. Give Me Sunshine is a warm, laid back treat, full of folksy Balearic pop flavors and upbeat dance pop/melodic house buoyancy. It’s one of those songs that gives me the urge to spend a long, lazy day outdoors with my friends, doing nothing in particular… Catch the video for the tune below, too. The track will be out officially October 12 on Brock Wild Records.