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January 28, 2018

Two lanes sounds like a nightmare if you’re from LA or the Bay Area, where traffic has become one of our biggest, most annoying problems. But sibling production duo TWO LANES has proven to be quite the opposite in the short time the mysterious project has been around. In fact, they recently turned in a jaw dropping remix of San Holo and James Vincent McMorrow’s The Future, giving a moody simmering, percussion skittering future bass/cinematic trap edit that recalls some of our favorites from What So Not and Flume. Dark swiveling synths and rustling bass deliver an emphatic punch on the riveting remix, an intensely gripping yet heart twisting experience. Download TWO LANES’ remix of The Future, here.

November 29, 2017

Yes, I know this one’s been out for a moment, but in no way does that diminish the extreme pleasure of this phenomenal remix from neutral., the ascending production sensation who hails from a little town named Peoria in Illinois. I wonder how far Peoria is from Chicago, because neutral. can certainly stand his own ground next to the many well established Chicago producers we’re extremely fond of. He’s given I Still See Your Face, possibly an all time favorite of ours from Dutch producer San Holo, a jaw dropping future bass and chill trap remix. neutral. states that San Holo has been one of his inspirations since he started his production project. How better to pay back that motivation than a euphoria inducing remix like this stratospheric soaring edit? You can snag the track for free, here.  Catch San Holo on tour this winter, details can be found, here.

November 22, 2017

Dutch producer and bitbird label founder San Holo dropped a huge new original this week, and it even comes with a lyric video already. Fans might recognize One Thing from his live sets, but we all get to partake in the song’s melodiously delicate, spry frolicking future beats whenever we want to now, too. There’s a youthful sense of wonder, a bright eyed verve to be found in this gorgeous tune, which the producer explains is about enjoying the moment. San Holo’s current I Still See Your Face tour will bring him to the Bay on December 2nd, when he hits up the Fox Theater in Oakland with his finely crafted electronic music. Stream/download One Thing, here

September 26, 2017

Dutch producer San Holo dropped a melting electronic opus the other day. Not only is he responsible for I Still See Your Face’s breathtaking soundscape, but for the first time ever, he’s lent his own downy soft vocals the song, too. I Still See Your Face is a beautifully wistful, feathery gliding electronic track, but it’s far from mellow with its bright sugary bounce. Its as sweet and tender a love song as we’ve heard all year long in electronica. I Still See Your Face is the first single from Bitbird’s forthcoming Gouldian Finch 02 Compilation. Stream/download the track, here. Watch San Holo’s video for I Still See Your Face below.

August 21, 2017

Dutch producer San Holo dropped a dreamy surging tour de force original named The Future last month featuring buttery voiced singer songwriter James Vincent McMorrow on vocals. A whopping 14 track remix package for the song has since been released, featuring an insane list of talent including the likes of Vincent, Snavs, Jupe, Autolaser, and more. San Francisco born Brooklyn producer Wingtip also offered up his contribution to the pack, an ebulliently effervescent future bass re-work that goes hand in hand with my mood right now after watching the sun turn into a tiny crescent during this morning’s solar eclipse. The Future remix pack is available for streaming/downloading, here.

July 4, 2017

Dutch producer San Holo has dropped some magnificent solo tunes in the past as well as linked up with some of our favorite emerging production talents and indie artists for collaborative releases, but never did we imagine that he’d partner up with Irish singer songwriter James Vincent McMorrow for an evocative new single like The Future! JVM’s buttery falsetto and San Holo’s smooth future bass production make for the perfect duo on the dreamy surging tour de force. The Future can be streamed or downloaded via other outlets, here.

May 17, 2017

Those gifted Dutch producers are at it again, doling out shiver inducing beauty on a brilliant new original named Broken. DROELOE and San Holo team up on the dreamy future bass and chillstep aria, which features crystalline enchanting vocals by CUT_. I can’t help but picture wind chimes swaying in a soft entrancing, cool billowing breeze. If anything’s broken here, it’s me, into a million pieces by this heartrending gem. The effervescent electronic track is out on bitbird. You can also stream Broken on Spotify, here.

February 17, 2017

Simply put, I’d love to live wherever ILIVEHERE. lives, if I get to listen to the producer’s spectacular sonic concoctions all the time in doing so. The electronic auteur actually lives in Holland, so perhaps my aspiration seems a bit out of reach. For now, I’ll close my eyes and lose myself in ILIVEHERE.’s breathtaking new original, Coming Home, and pretend I’m traveling across a vast and beautiful world as I ride the majestic waves emitting from this magnificent opus. ILIVEHERE. fills me with wonder and makes everything seem imaginable and possible with his cathartic lifting, cinematic moving melodic bass. You can download Coming Home for free, here. For another awe inspiring soundscape, dive into ILIVEHERE.’s remix of San Holo’s Light below. I think I’ve found a new favorite producer. 

February 5, 2017

It’s true we’ve already heard some sensational remixes of San Holo’s Light, including edits by the likes of Crankdat and Loosid, but trust me, Dutch producer Deon Custom’s rendition of the song is an absolute must to add to that list even though it didn’t make it on to the official remix pack. Deon Custom unleashes dramatic enthralling, meditative sprawling future bass and chill trap on our joyous ears. Light takes on extra spiritual and philosophical characteristics through Deon Custom’s vast cosmic remix. 

February 2, 2017

San Holo’s dreamy oscillating Light has already been treated to some spectacular remixing. Just last week, we shared Loosid’s intense dazzling, dramatic gripping dubstep and trap makeover. Light gets a suffusion of a very different sort of aura on a new “re-crank” by Ohio’s Crankdat. The producer floats us to the heavens with his twilight rhapsody, a wavy curling, convex smooth trap and melodic bass makeover. I’m filled with wonder and awe by Crankdat’s airy reverie. The track is a free download, here.