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April 12, 2018

Better late than never, right? Especially when it comes to this sultry simmering treat from Daisy Gray, which we must have missed out on because we were running our legs off in Austin at SXSW. What’s even more astonishing about previously missing out on this rising sensation is the fact that she hails from right here in San Francisco! The budding singer songwriter graces us with her torrid burning, passionately seductive voice, a truly powerful force to be reckoned with, on debut single Saviour, whose video has already racked up over a quarter million streams since late March. In a locale where a ton of indie rock and electronica is flourishing, Daisy Grey’s just the talented pop addition we need to add to our diverse music-scape, a savior indeed. We can’t wait for her to be the star she’s obviously ready to be. Download/stream Saviour, here. Listen to her smoky sensual cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game below and continue marveling over Daisy Gray’s voice.

April 3, 2018

We’re elated that some of our music friends have brought SUMif’s energetic and enrapturing live show to NYC recently. It’s about time the East Coast had a taste of how scintillating the singer songwriter and producer’s buoyant bouncing electro-pop always is live. And now that Steph Wells has come back home to San Francisco, the local scene is in for another SUMif treat this Saturday when she opens for Young Galaxy at Popscene, where she’s become a welcome regular treat of sorts. Every SUMif set inspires a euphoric dance party, and every SUMif song has never failed us when it comes to wildly infectious, wonderfully hooking pop, too. Case in point, brand new single Say, a crisply aerated electro-pop ballad topped with Steph’s always disarming and effortless vocals. SUMif addresses the tumultuous emotions involved in desire and longing, or the universal battle between head and the heart, on her synth fluid gem. You can also stream Say via Spotify, here. San Francisco, get out to and have an epic Saturday night at Popscene with SUMif and Young Galaxy, show info available, here.

March 13, 2018

San Francisco’s own HIGHSOCIETY reaches new heights of electronic splendor on the producer’s new single, Fireproof, featuring Beta State’s Matty McDonald on heated vocals. He expertly melds stadium crushing future bass, metallurgic dubstep, and blazing trap on the adrenaline pumping track. Fireproof is a cinematic jarring, grandly jolting tour de force. Just remember, you aren’t actually fireproof, so while HIGHSOCIETY is setting us all on fire and smelting us to the core with his wildly impassioned electronic opus, please don’t actually set yourself on fire in the midst of the delirious ecstasy that has taken hold of you. Fireproof is so explosive, it almost needs a disclaimer. But then again, the same could be said about every other HIGHSOCIETY track we’ve shared. Combust, at your own risk. Download/stream Fireproof, here.

March 1, 2018

It’s been a treat watching queer San Francisco based artist and producer SUMif ascend the electro-pop ranks with her music this past year. Steph Wells, the musician behind the magic, first caught our ears with wildly infectious Lay Down, a song that still pops into our heads at the most random of moments (and we sure do cherish it when that happens). We’ve also had the pleasure of catching her energetic and charismatic sets live countless times at Popscene in San Francisco. It was just this week that I caught wind from industry friends that Steph will be bringing SUMif to her very first show in New York soon, and we’re excited for all the new fans she’s going to reel in when she does. SUMif returns today with new single Love Shop, a vivacious glimmering, saccharine pulsing electropop song and another instantaneously hooking, snappy contagious addition to her growing compendium of earworms. SUMif told C-Heads Magazine about the song: 

“The crazy passion and intensity in the beginning of a relationship can drive anyone mad and I’m certainly not immune to that. There’s no fiercer feeling than the possibility of a love story unfolding, besides of course, the feeling of interest fading and that story ending. Love Shop is about getting wrapped up in the women who have come into my life and losing myself completely into something that wasn’t even real. It’s this realization that ultimately sets me free – that I deserve more than an illusion of love.” We’re more than ready to hop and dance to this jaunty and peppy new SUMif jam, which is a free download, here.

January 11, 2018

I know we promptly shared this song when it first came out last year, but we’re so fond of Raindrop and this Bay Area band, Hot Flash Heat Wave, that we simply can’t resist featuring the new music video that’s arrived today too. Plus, we could really use the “heat” on a cold January day like this one. HFHW pairs their surfy, grunge-y garage rock tune, a treat this Pixies fan can’t help but love, with a splashy chromatic music video shot right here in San Francisco. As mentioned previously, sunlit twangs and saccharine 60s vibes abound on this stellar jam, which is lifted off Hot Flash Heat Waves’ sohphomore album Soaked, out now via OIM Records. Snag from Bandcamp, here.

November 25, 2017

No Vacation, the band from right here in San Francisco who made us fall head over heels for their disarming and charming form of dreamy nostalgic indie pop with their single Yam Yam, released a new EP Intermission earlier this month. Aside from that aforementioned gem, the five track release also features Reaper. No Vacation caresses our ears at a leisurely pace with their hazy swirling, languorous wafting, and wavy glistening dream pop. A “reaper” by definition is a machine or person that harvests a crop. That crop, in this case, is obviously our infatuated hearts. Stream/purchase No Vacation’s Intermission EP, a perfect autumnal soundtrack, here.

September 28, 2017

Christopher Owens has always been quite the busybody in the indie rock scene. Aside from his brilliant solo work, he’s given us music as frontman of now defunct rock band Girls, too. The San Francisco resident now returns with a new project named Curls and news of a debut EP named Vante, from which he presents frayed garage rock chugger Emotion. The dusty crunching jam urges us to let it all hang out, instead of building walls around us and bottling our emotions up. Because it’s what makes us beautiful. Curls’ Vante EP arrives November 7th via Urban Scandal.

June 16, 2017

Back home to my beloved Bay Area we go for a new indie dazzler from NRVS LVRS, the San Francisco husband wife duo who astounded me with their eclectic fusion of minimalist electropop and folk pop on City Lights over a year ago. I’ll always be grateful to Live 105′s Soundcheck program hosted by Aaron Axelsen for that sweet encounter. The band has announced a new album named Electric Dread, due to arrive on June 30th, the same day they’ll be playing a record release show at cozy endearing Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco. Exuberant pounding drums and lush droning synths add jolts of shiver inducing electricity to the dreamy darkwave on suspenseful and spellbinding Lost To The Max, which deals with the feeling of being on edge when in public spaces as a woman. For me, Lost To The Max feels exactly like its title suggests, an aimless wander through the darkest of nights. The scenario might be unsettling if it happens in real life, but it’s oh so sweet when imagined to the sounds of NRVS LVRS.

NRVS LVRS’ Bevin Fernandez explains: “The amount of unwanted attention, microaggressions, and violence women face on a daily basis leads to a constant need to be on guard. Growing up, my mom always told me to constantly be aware of my surroundings, and that I can’t just trust someone because he appears to be a ‘good guy’. So, while many men may not necessarily be violent or intend to hurt you, you must go through the world figuring that they might and very well could. After a string of attacks near where we live in SF, my brother asked me if I felt unsafe walking by myself in the city, and I told him that’s just how I feel anywhere when I’m out walking alone. I don’t think men realize just how terrifying it can be." 

You can find tickets for NRVS LVRS’ record release show, here.

May 1, 2017

Hometown fans of local indie heroes Cathedrals are looking forward to the arrival of June 8th with great anticipation, because on that fateful evening, Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin will be making their long awaited return to the stage with their first headlining San Francisco show in quite some time. Ahead of that date and on the heels of last month’s ravishing single Don’t Act Like A Stranger comes a dance pop dazzler named Try To Fight. Though this vivacious carousel ride comes as a surprise, we find ourselves falling in love instantaneously with this deep thumping, vibrant thrumming variant of Cathedrals. Try To Fight’s nimble synth arpeggios and Brodie’s breathy radiant vocals even remind us of Kiesza and her spry hybridization of UK house and R&B pop. The single is available as a free download, here. Find out more about Cathedrals’ SF show at the Mezzanine on June 8th, here.

April 29, 2017

California went through quite a lot climate wise in the past few years. First, we had that nasty drought. Then, we had a spectacularly stormy season that even drove dams to near failure and left sections of the Pacific Coast Highway completely collapsed. For the most part, I think we’re done with rain for now. But we can make room for one more ‘raindrop’, courtesy of (and opportunely named) Hot Flash Heat Wave, especially since their latest song is such a chugging charmer of a surf rock jam. The San Francisco garage rockers, who I’m more than excited to see play the local stage at Live 105′s BFD festival come June, are quickly becoming one of my favorite Bay Area bands with their scuzzy hooks and confident riffs. They get some mega brownie points for reminding me of one of my all time favorite bands, the Pixies, with new song Raindrop, too. Sunlit twangs and saccharine 60′s feels make Raindrops an irresistible preview off Hot Flash Heat Waves’ sophomore album Soaked, due out June 2nd on OIM. Pre-order from Bandcamp, here.