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February 23, 2017

I’m sorry to say but I was never able to set aside the time to be swept up by the Glee craze a few years ago. Samuel Larsen’s spectacular voice swept me up when I listened to his new single Blue today, and it wasn’t till a lot later after I’ve selected him for a share that I found out that the Los Angeles based San Francisco born Mexican-Danish artist was involved in both Glee and The Glee Project. On Blue, Sam combines blues, funk, rock, and pop into a honeyed yet raw emulsion brimming with lovelorn emotion. Blue is his first release of the year. As Sam describes it: “Blue is about being perfectly in love while also being perfectly incompatible, a lullaby to the confused & hopeless romantics doused in nostalgia and funk.” For more Samuel Larsen, let’s partake in sexy funk jam You Should Know below. This one really sets that bedroom tone.