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May 11, 2018

When I think of honey, I think of sweet, sticky, and thick. salute’s honey is far from gluey and viscous. It’s a spectacularly constructed composition with intoxicating loops and springy beats, much too graceful and nimble to befit the syrupy quality of honey. Soon enough, it’s obvious that the prismatic “honey” that the UK producer might be alluding to isn’t of the physical, literal kind, but more a reference to the sort of sweet, youthful affection experienced between lovers, or perhaps, between moving music and our hearts. It’s what I’m feeling, right here, right now, as we lose ourselves in salute’s soulful dance track, a genre defying blend of garage and house, part Kaytranada, part Jamie xx, and part Flight Facilities (in the vein of Clair De Lune). In the shimmer of salute’s honey, or in your lover’s adoring gaze, our own reflections take on a beauty we may have never noticed before. honey is lifted from salut’s forthcoming EP, Condition I. Stream/download this burst of pure joy, here.

October 5, 2017

If anyone’s deserving of a proper salute, it’s this producer from Vienna, who’s now based out of music historic Manchester. Salute has given us countless enthralling remixes and originals in the three years we’ve been following the artist. Our love for his music only burns stronger as he unleashes a new track on us named That Girl, featuring British artist Gabrielle Aplin on supple enchanting vocals. Girl is a buoyant bouncing, fizzy slinking future beats dalliance. It’s piquant yet elegant, mellifluous and pliant. Purchase/stream via alternate outlets, here.

September 14, 2017

Manchester by way of Vienna production talent salute has been a mainstay on IHM for years. I still remember the impact his remix of Sam Smith’s Money On My Mind had on me the very first time I stumbled upon his work. He’s since collaborated with the likes of ABRA, Cid Rim, and D.R.A.M. as well as remixed for Kehlani and Alt-J. salute takes us on an extra relevant and deeply profound journey with his latest original, “Lullaby, For J”. He wrote the track as a healing force to mend wounds born out of the pervasive hatred and bigotry that seems to be all around us these days. Intricately woven beats and an introspective downtempo cadence create a bittersweet yet powerful listen.  salute echoes bits of Cashmere Cat and Lido in his compelling song’s finespun texture and crisp ringing beats. The producer said of the track: “It’s been a little while since I’ve released anything instrumental and I wanted to end this summer on a warm, heartfelt note. I made this song with one of my favourite people in the world on my mind, everything that happens in this song is reflected in their character.” You can purchase “Lullaby, For J” from iTunes, here.

May 4, 2017

British singer songwriter Liv Dawson and Austrian producer salute prove to be the most divine union on salute’s new single, Light Up. Light up we truly do as salute casts a warm glow on us with his blissed out future bass anthem, an intricately crafted, meticulously forged combination of soulful melodies and refined instrumentals. salute himself explains that the song is an “ode to being happy”. Euphoria truly abounds on this gleaming burst of exultance, out now on iTunes, here. Stream via Soundcloud below.

December 21, 2016

New Zealand duo Fortunes. were inspired by worn blue jeans when they created their single 501′s, but the funk and future imbued tune couldn’t be more elegant and snazzy. 501′s goes extra dusky swooning and textured mesmeric on a phenomenal remix by Australia’s salute. If What So Not went darker and more silky smoldering or downtempo ambient, it might sound something like this tactile bristling yet soft swooning track. salute’s official remix is fuzzy coarse, but it bulges and curls with a twilight dreaminess. You can stream or purchase the original, which is out on Future Classic, here.

July 12, 2016

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July 8, 2016

On August 19th, salute will be dropping his My Heart mini-album on 37 Adventures. The Brighton based Austrian producer reveals a second single off the album this week to whet our appetites. Storm is a soulful melodic cyclone of future vibing, chime dexterous electronica. This is a snazzy resplendent, choppy turbulent storm whose magnetic vocals are turned in by Cleo Tighe. salute’s jarring beats are like thrilling electrical shocks, arousing us with agitated excitement. Our feverish rendezvous in the eye of this storm with salute and Cleo Tighe leaves us tingling from its rush. salute’s My Heart mini-album can be pre-ordered now from iTunes.

December 18, 2014

Here’s a new remix of one of my favorite Oh Wonder songs, All We Do. Wait, what am I talking about? All four of the London act’s songs are favorites! They’re easily one of my favorite new acts of 2014, and it’s hard to go wrong remixing one of their beautiful songs. Austrian producer Salute does a terrific job on All We Are, taking the song’s exquisite delicacy into shimmering, ethereal chill trap territory on his remix. 

December 6, 2014

Austrian producer Salute, the dude who gave us that super sick remix of Sam Smith’s Money On My Mind, has a new original for us. Real Cool lives up to its name, as it’s a future bass tune with plenty of electro-soul and chilled out vibe. The song features seductive vocals by Vanessa Elisha. Real Cool is a taste off Salute’s Silver Tides EP, due out early next year on his own label Dime Club. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to Salute’s killer remix of Sam Smith’s Money On My Mind. I have a sudden urge to revisit it. Join me below.

August 6, 2014

Keeping the future vibe flowing with a sick new one from Viennese producer Salute. The young electronic and trap producer kills it on hypnotic, frenetic track Flightss. I’m still floored by his Flume like rendition of Sam Smith’s Money On My Mind awhile ago. And then he goes, and does THIS. For the umpteenth time, check the Sam Smith remix, below.