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March 8, 2018

It always blows my mind that some artists have the time to tend to both a solo career and projects with other gifted artists. Both SAKIMA and AObeats are busy musicians. SAKIMA just released his vibrant synthpop track Death Is In The Air

a few weeks ago. As for talented producer AObeats, he just signed with TEN Music Group & Kobalt Music the other day. Yet, they’ve both found time to reunite as dynamic post-EDM duo SWIMS to give us Over Me, on which the pair again wed their individual styles to perfection. SAKIMA’s smooth sultry crooning glides over jazzy keys and AObeats’ mesmeric future beats production to create a snazzy simmering, airy flickering pop track. There’s no getting over Over Me, that’s for sure. Over Me is available via major platforms, here.

February 20, 2018

British artist SAKIMA subverts and destroys archaic expectations in pop and electronica with his music, and he does it with style, too. The swiftly breaking out musician from London adds to his growing compendium of unique and imaginative songs with new single Death Is In The Air. For a single with such a macabre name, Death Is In The Air is a slick and vibrant foray into synthpop for the artist who started out with more electronic leaning roots. SAKIMA tells a tale of being queer in the 1980s on his song, as inspired by songwriter Justin Tranter after he heard him on a podcast interview. His airy, breathy vocals invite us into a world of discontent and turmoil, finely etched out with euphoric beats and lustrous synths. It’s an inspiring and lifting listen, not just for those struggling with homophobia and injustice, but for anyone dealing with prejudice and hardship. Death Is In The Air is also ridiculously infectious, a wonderfully exhilarating dose of life affirming, synth vivacious electro-pop. You can also stream the single via Spotify, here.

January 18, 2018

The Wave links together a dream team of Moving Castle talent. It’s a seamlessly captivating combination of three distinct styles. On foolproof production duties is Los Angeles based AObeats, and weaving their unmistakable voices together divinely are Long Beach based Cambodian-American SATICA as well as genre defying, groundbreaking British artist SAKIMA. The trio of forward thinking musicians lavish us with a dreamy lilting blend of jazzy rich, breathy smooth electronica and R&B pop on their disarming tune, saturated with classy keys and an elastic vivacity. The chemistry between these three is more than obvious on the immaculate track, a brisk yet seductive, frisky and flirtatious bop. Ride The Wave and download from iTunes, here.

December 21, 2017

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only five days away. Thank goodness I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping, though I’ve yet to wrap all the presents I bought. Let’s ring in some Christmas cheer and merry mirth with a seasonal present from trendsetting collective and esteemed record label Moving Castle. Though Joy is a collaboration involving versatile artist Mark Johns and charismatic electro/hip hop talent BLAISE, the dreamy melodious, jazzy snug song was produced by AObeats and Roget Chahayed. It also features additional vocals by SATICA, Madi, SAKIMA, and Robokid, with artwork by Robokid. Joy is a super stacked Moving Castle all-star affair, a mahogany flavored infusion of chill hip hop, pellucid R&B soul, and twinkling future beats. The song goes hand in hand with everything we love about Christmas, be it a warm fire, a glass of creamy eggnog, or plenty of cuddling with your boo. Naughty or nice, we all get to treasure this Joy. For those of you who are lucky enough to be in Southern California on January 27th, you can catch an incredible roster of Moving Castle talent live at Moving Castle World, tickets and more info can be found, here.

October 5, 2017

SATICA stole all our hearts when the Long Beach based rising talent gave us an aptly named single entitled Honey Whiskey last month, and you all know how much we love British genre-bender SAKIMA and his deep and glossy slick voice. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the two Moving Castle artisans are a divine couplet on SATICA’s new single, Dysfunctional. I mean, just look at their names, there’s a two letter contrast! The smoky R&B and peppery electronica song will be on SATICA’s debut EP, Drippin, out October 20th. It’s the perfect combination of seductive fire and biting moodiness. Purchase/stream Dysfunctional, here.

September 26, 2017

SAKIMA is another one of those prolific artists who never seems to take a break from crafting his art, and I’m more the grateful for it considering how much he’s enraptured us with his multiple projects. Fresh off the visionary UK artist’s release last week with AObeats as SWIMS comes a fine new track from his solo project. DFT, short for down for that, engulfs us into a boundless soundscape. Its electronic production is like a massive ocean with no bottom; we fall and we sink into its watery ripples and mellifluous furrows, while SAKIMA heats us up with his richly coated vocals. We well know by now how much of a virtuoso SAKIMA is when it comes to erasing the traditional lines that define genres. He etches his own spectrum of sound with his chimeric fusion of R&B, pop, and dynamic electronica on DFT, creating an evocative tapestry both feverishly impassioned and coolly ruminative. SAKIMA also continues his noble pursuit of breaking antiquated expectations previously laid by pop music’s heteronormative extreme. You can stream/purchase DFT, here.

September 18, 2017

“I don’t need a drink to say what’s on my mind, you don’t need excuses, just come over…,” croons SAKIMA with his buttery smooth, waxy sleek vocals as he reunites with AObeats on Excuses as dynamic post-EDM duo SWIMS. That voice cuts pointedly through a minimalist soundscape chiseled out of evocative keys and ghostly beats. The poignancy of Excuses is sensationally palpable, particularly as those elements intertwine more tightly and intensify in urgency as the song progresses. It’s impossible not to feel the song’s lament, or empathize with SAKIMA’s plight, one familiar to anyone who’s been miserably entrapped by that infamous cycle of love, betrayal, and heartbreak. There’s no excuses needed for the next four and a half minutes of your life, it’s okay. Stop everything else you’re doing, and let yourself feel this finely woven, taut riveting combination of future bass, hip hop, and R&B soul. Don’t make excuses for the aching you feel deep inside you, the tears you might shed, or the exultation you may feel in finding rapport in this song. The catharsis it provides helps us heal, and hope anew. Revisit SWIMS’ prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

September 7, 2017

Moving Castle’s immense roster of talent seems to expand by the day as Los Angeles by way of Chicago newcomer REGN “takes us to the water” with her debut electropop single, WATR. There, we drink in her effervescent electro pop, a choppy blustering brew, in divine bliss. WATR’s twilight electronica and crisp crystalline pop is autumnal cool yet summer airy and a fine first encounter with the artist and songwriter, whose name, REGN, is pronounced like the 40th U.S. president. On production and co-writing duties are other Moving Castle favorites of ours, SAKIMA and Robokid. WATR is the perfect transitional track to take us from summer into fall with its shadowy lightness. REGN says of her debut: “‘WATR’ is about the extremes of love, being so fascinated with your lover that you lose sight of yourself. ‘WATR’ is a song for the hopeless romantics that get in too deep. It’s dark, but in a good way.” Aside from working with Robokid and SAKIMA, REGN has also been collaborating with the likes of Hoodboi and Felix Snow in the studio. We’ll be looking forward to hearing those treats. In the meantime, stream/purchase WATR, here.

August 16, 2017

I said it once, I said it twice, I’ll say it another million times, but I simply can’t resist SAKIMA’s sleek feathery voice and what seems like an endless stream of fabulous music the UK artist has been giving us, both as a solo project and as one half of SWIMS with Moving Castle co-founder AObeats. Nary a few days go by lately without my sharing something exquisite from SAKIMA. The latest treat this forward thinking, glass ceiling breaking visionary has given us is a pop, R&B, and electronic hybrid named Ur Bdy. “Move your body, move your body,” he coos dreamily in a sea of island-y beats and a cascade of breezy synths. There’s no refusing his coaxing as we surrender to the sublime escapade that is Ur Bdy. Grab SAKIMA’s new single, here.

August 10, 2017

I’m in love, with SAKIMA’s evocative voice, which washes over us every time like smooth butter. I count my lucky stars now that we get to hear it yet again as he makes a guest appearance on Moving Castle member and Spanish producer Alizzz’s Shout Out, the closing track from his recent EP Ascension. Not only have we been blessed with SAKIMA’s solo singles, but the UK artist has given us music as one half of SWIMS, too, alongside AObeats. Now, he achingly serenades us from the atmospheric billowing ocean that is Alizzz’s striking future bass and chill trap aria. Shout Out’s dramatic soundscape is ever engaging and engrossing. I give in its pitches and yaws, pulls and pushes, ever lost in its emotional turbulence and textured magnificence. Shout Out is but one of three splendid, guest studded tracks from the Ascension EP, which you can stream in full on Soundcloud, here. Support by purchasing or streaming via alternate outlets, here.