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April 6, 2018

The Less I Know The Better is easily one of Tame Impala’s most recognized and widely loved psych rock songs. But have you ever wondered how it would sound in the dexterous hands of a visionary electronic producer? Germany’s SAINT WKND proves how truly spectacular such a feat could be with his spacey buzzing, rich whirring flip. His remix stays true to the original’s spiraling groove, yet adds a whole lot of electrifying thrills to the fuzzy fabric of the track. I just want to roll in its bass roiling texture and melt into its hallucinogenic structure. 

September 8, 2017

Max Schneider, better known as MAX, might be one of the busiest artists in the scene right now. He’s shown up as a guest vocalist on countless fine songs this past year, and he’s also one half of electronic dance duo Party Pupils. On new single Survive, he’s partnered up with German producer SAINT WKND for an opulently crafted electronic soiree, brimming with buttery smooth vocals, lavish synths, and trappy fierce production. The electrifying single also comes with a lyric video featuring some hypnotic skateboarding. I can only imagine how the crowd reacted when SAINT WKND likely dropped this new jam at Electric Zoo over the weekend. I wonder if MAX made an appearance, considering he’s from New York. If he did, I’m sure he blew the audience away with his vocal calisthenics. You can also catch SAINT WKND on tour with Whethan this fall. Survive is out now on Ultra. Snag it, here.

July 30, 2017

British singer songwriter RØMANS cooed his way into our hearts with his sleek R&B pop and soulful electronica on Happy Love earlier this year, off of his EP, Automatic. German production savant SAINT WKND now offers up his interpretation of that song, taking advantage of that intrinsic soulfulness on his brassy swooning remix. The edit’s frisky horns are turned in by Light House. SAINT WKND’s robust and hearty remix is like a concentrated glass of full bodied wine. You let it simmer on your tongue, then you sway to its bold flavor and rotund depth with every subsequent sip of its deep bass and ambrosial beats. You can find SAINT WKND’s Happy Love remix on all major platforms, here.

April 9, 2017

We’ve been following along with German producer SAINT WKND since he was named WKND, and we’re thrilled to share a new original named Make You Mine featuring creamy smooth cooing by Boy Matthews. Make You Mine is a fine follow up to earlier this year’s Hoodlem featuring hit, Golden. Its chords are sprightly and vivacious, youthful and spry. Make You Mine is a sweetly lifting banger that we’ll be taking with us deep into the summer months. Island-y Jamie xx and buoyant Clean Bandit come together for a generous drenching of future vibes on SAINT WKND’s dance floor filler. Make You Mine is our second taste from SAINT WKND’s debut EP Golden Youth. 

March 1, 2017

Somewhere in between future and chill lies the zestful appeal of TRAILS’ new remix. The Berlin based production talent takes SAINT WKND’s celestial chiming Golden featuring Australian duo Hoodlem and gives it a summery spring. TRAILS’ remix bumps and thumps with rotund, gleeful aplomb. This ebullient version of Golden is a brisk vivacious dance floor anthem. There’s no keeping still to its Jersey styled bounces. Download the edit for free, here.

January 31, 2017

A coat of brilliant luster greets us as we approach Golden, a breathtaking new single from long time IHM extolled German producer SAINT WKND (fka WKND). Joining SAINT WKND on this celestial chiming, bittersweet enchanting gem is Australian duo Hoodlem. Together, they take us on a spectacular journey. From gently ethereal valleys we’re thrust into a tumultuous sea of surging waves before we’re lifted skywards into a twilight oblivion lit by a million flickering embers. Golden is a finespun beauty, a euphonious balance of refined minimalism and charged tension. The future bass single is a part of SAINT WKND’s forthcoming debut EP, Golden Youth, due out later this year. Expect it to make an enduring impression when it arrives. 

January 6, 2016

Oakland production act DIMOND SAINTS always captures my heart with dark, shadowy soundscapes on the duo’s tracks, and though their latest remix is not as heavy as some of their other offerings, it’s still wonderfully haunting and moody. SAINT WKND’s song, Lost, featuring INGLSH, is an undeniably enchanting and weightless beauty, but DIMOND SAINTS transforms it into a gossamer and contemplative track with a chill and deep bass treatment doused in mellow trap. Free download, here.

December 9, 2015

New York producers and buddies AKKI and N2N join forces on a spectacularly breathtaking deep house remix of Saint WKND’s recent enchanter, Lost (Runaway), featuring haunting vocals by INGLSH. When I first saw that N2N had a new collaborative remix out and about, I was half expecting one of his magnificently upbeat future deep house tracks, like the remix of Michael Jackson’s Thriller that IHM proudly premiered a month ago. Lending even more to those expectations is the fact that I just witnessed N2N throw down a rambunctiously sublime set at Hawthorn in San Francisco over the weekend, one that had the crowd dancing in rapture. But I soon found out that N2N and AKKI’s Lost (Runaway) remix would leave me sighing from endless tingles running up my spine and through my affected heart. The beautifully emotional and weightlessly ethereal edit overflows with heavenly feels. For a free download of the remix, head over here.

August 13, 2015

It’s about to be a mighty fine night, or day, depending on when you’re reading this. Why? Because you’re about to get lost in the delicate, supple beauty of SAINT WKND’s enchanting new song, Lost (Runaway), which features breathtaking vocals by a young American singer named INGLSH. Lost (Runaway) is one of the German producer’s most darkly melancholic songs, a lushly stringy one that crosses electronic pop and deep house. In fact, SAINT WKND took inspiration from a break up that gave him many sleepless nights. The poignancy of the song is palpable, and heart wrenching. Lost (Runaway) will be out on Spinnin Deep come September 4th.

May 1, 2015

You know you’re in for a treat when new SAINT WKND surfaces. The producer, formerly known as WKND, has offered up ace remix after ace remix in the past months. As a thank you offering for reaching 50,000 followers on soundcloud, he devotes this luscious remix of Saint Motel’s My Type to his fans. The edit simmers slow and sensual before it literally bursts with lively, thrilling energy at close to the midway mark. Stabbing nu-disco chords and a sleek sheen make SAINT WKND’s My Type a ridiculously grooving dance anthem.