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November 9, 2017

Like beautifully evocative sonic poem comes Slow, the title track from French production duo Saavan’s forthcoming EP. The pair had previously entranced us with their twilight chill trap and dreamy future bass on intimately, intricately crafted Your Mess. They bring us back into that exquisite world with Slow and its atmospheric quivering chillstep and gently trembling, fluffy shivering electronica. Slow is like the ripples on a quiet lake as it reflects the limitless sky stretching far above it. It’s tranquil and soothing, but deep and bottomless. Saavan’s EP arrives on November 17th. Pre-order, here.

March 4, 2017

From ever music bounteous Paris comes a duo named SAAVAN, and the pair’s twilight electronica has me thoroughly entranced on new single Your Mess. The textured chill trap and dreamy future bass on the intricately crafted song is reminiscent of fellow Frenchman Petit Biscuit, while its majestic swells and flickering finish recall early Flume. Your Mess is a free download, here. SAAVAN is truly a gifted pair we’re going to be keeping a close watch over.