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November 29, 2017

Talent oozes from RYAN Playground, the forward thinking Montreal based singer songwriter and producer who we’ve been so taken by that we’ve even written about for an official SXSW guide. We never know quite what to expect when a new RYAN Playground song surfaces. We’ve been enthralled by her live electronic sets as well as swayed in dreamy ecstasy to her more soothing  pop offerings. Almost Died is the latter, a whimsically textured downtempo electronica meets misty soft acoustic pop track from a highly anticipated forthcoming album. A gentle aeration permeates Almost Died’s organic strums and melancholic hum. Hopefully, the chiffon ballad is a sign of much more to come soon, as well as an official album announcement. In the meantime, stream more RYAN Playground on Soundcloud, here.

July 7, 2017

Montreal based singer songwriter and producer RYAN Playground has been the target of our effusive praises and adulation for quite some time. We even wrote about her for an official SXSW guide back in March, and we made sure to catch her when we were out in Austin, too. Genevieve Ryan Martel is a jack of all trades when it comes to crafting visionary music, and she continues to push boundaries with new single Prolongation. She interweaves misty saccharine pop with bop ready electronica on the crystalline and wistful tune. Prolongation comes with a music video directed by Didier Charette. Its nomadic wanderings matches the searchful longing of Prolongation. The single is a preview from RYAN Playground’s forthcoming full length. You can stream/download Prolongation by way of major outlets, here.

March 1, 2017

Earlier today, SXSW went live with their annual Music Bloggers Guide, an official publication in which influential bloggers write about 100+ exciting showcasing artists to catch at the event. Once again, I had the honor and pleasure of contributing to this list. This year, I represented my friends over at We Found New Music and wrote about two artists for the guide. One of these gifted musicians is RYAN Playground. You can read the SXSW piece, here. In writing about RYAN Playground, I discovered I’d let an exquisite new track slip right through the cracks earlier this month. The Canadian singer songwriter and producer covered From First To Last’s Emily, transforming the song into a delicate and finespun chill pop gem. RYAN Playground’s brilliant rendition of Emily is dreamy wistful and misty aching. It can turn stone cold hearts into warm, pliable putty. Visit RYAN Playground’s prior work on Soundcloud.

August 23, 2016

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August 22, 2016

Montreal based singer songwriter and producer RYAN Playground delivers an effervescent fusion of electronica and pop on new song I Won’t Sleep On You. Its gently delicate, giltchy vibrant production surrounds and envelops us. We’re immersed in a cool, soothing pool of bubbles and air carrying bits of PC Music and Terror Jr. I Won’t Sleep On You bounces and lurches, tenderly and fantastically, leaving me in a surreal but sublime dream state.

January 29, 2016

Are You Mad is the first single from RYAN Playground’s debut album, elle, out on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs imprint come February 24th. The Montreal based singer songwriter and producer gives an emotionally charged performance on the downtempo electronic song, whose haunting dreaminess and fluid background send shivers down my spine. I don’t know how anyone can stay mad at RYAN Playground when she crafts such poignantly affecting heady music like Are You Mad.