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November 22, 2017

Prolific Swiss DJ and producer EDX makes a creamy effulgent, crisp springing return on his latest original, Runnin’. The sharp vigor of future house meets the dreamy smoothness of deep melodic house and the cathartic aeronautics of progressive house on EDX’s epic new track. Runnin’ arrives just as EDX is celebrating two decades at the forefront of the music industry with a milestone show at the Fonda Theatre in LA on November 25th. Runnin’ it out now on Enormous Tunes, stream/download, here.

March 9, 2017

Nary a day goes by these days without being blasted by new R&B pop or electro soul. Future R&B, R&B soul, progressive soul, whatever you’d like to call them, have all become some of the leading music trends of the moment. As a music curator, I listen to an exorbitant amount of new songs everyday, and I must confess that some of that new music has merged into an endless drone, one song bleeding into the other, each one sounding similar. Orlando singer songwriter JOHN.k, however, stands out from the pack with his highly anticipated debut, Runnin. You see, he’d already drummed up a lot of excitement and praise by touring the West Coast with his buddies Alex & Sierra, and it’s all culminated in a magnificent taste from his forthcoming full length album, slate for a summer release. There’s nothing muddled to be found on this passionate and grandiose anthem. It charges forth with dramatic future bass production while JOHN.k grips us and never lets go with his ardent burning vocals. Runnin is an emotionally charged ballad that sparks and ignites. You can stream the single on Soundcloud below, too.

December 15, 2015

Right from the get go, tinkling piano and sensual horns have me swooning to no end on Free n Losh’s Runnin’, a sensationally smooth and soothing beauty featuring Montreal collective Busty And The Bass. Their softly cooing vocals blend seamlessly into Runnin’s fine weave of jazz, R&B, and future soul. Despite its name, Free n Losh have me wanting to go sailing instead of running with the warmly glowing, gently simmering song which first premiered on This Song Is Sick. Download the sublime song for free on Soundcloud.