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September 9, 2017

We love Flora Cash, and we truly believe this pair of noire folk pop artists from Stockholm are criminally underrated, especially after they released as beautifully haunting a debut album as Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine). We were lucky enough to see them live at Popscene earlier this year, and their music is just as captivating from the stage. We’re thrilled that Flora Cash has returned today with a gorgeous new video and song named Roses On Your Dress. Its wistful melancholy and sadcore allure brims with smoky magnetism and willowy charm. Roses On Your Dress drifts languorously and tenderly, enveloping us in a world both vintage and classic, cinematic and poignant. We once compaerd Flora Cash to a cross between Lana Del Rey and Lykke Li. We stand behind that analogy, one hundred percent. Roses On Your Dress is anguish and heartbreak, etched out with grace and elegance. If you missed the duo’s debut album, make sure to snag it, here.