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February 15, 2018

RIVVRS is back with more of his raw and potent music as the Los Angeles based singer songwriter teases his upcoming album Cosmic Dream with yet another superb song named Don’t Wanna Know. Its dusty twanging guitars and sandy vocals are awash with the weathered charm of Americana and the bluesy allure of roots rock. This is a song you’ll want to take out on the open road, where it can soundtrack a long drive. As the wind tousles your hair, that heavy weight in your heart slowly dissipates. RIVVRS croons intimately into our ears and comforts our weary souls, setting us free, if only for a few brief minutes. Don’t Wanna Know is available from major outlets, here.

October 10, 2017

RIVVRS returns to tear right into our hearts with a raw and powerful foray into his own personal struggles with depression and anxiety on Don’t Give Up On Me. It’s the first offering from the California singer songwriter’s upcoming album, Cosmic Dream, and it’s a haunting dirge for all the people who are struggling with similar demons and trying not to lose sight of hope. Despite its dark matter, there’s a ray of light to be found in this soulful plead, which slow builds towards a rich, motivating finish. As RIVVRS himself says of the track:  “’s a mantra to keep swimming even when you feel like you’re drowning.” Don’t Give Up On Me is available at major outlets, here. Catch him on tour in the U.S. with The National Parks this month.

March 11, 2016

It’s punchy pop galore and folk and soul flavored alt on RIVVRS’ latest, an irresistibly catchy new taste named ReadyTo Begin from the sunny Los Angeles band’s debut album, Unfamiliar Skin, due out March 25th. The genre defying treat brims with charm, a charismatic and unforgettable anthem that sashays smoothly, beseeching us to clap, whistle, and sing along with ease.