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February 4, 2016

Skela first captivated me with her immaculate voice on Josh Jacobson’s Not Alone several months back. She immediately had me wondering who this spectacular songbird might be. The Brooklyn based singer songwriter takes my breath away once again on her own solo track, Rivers, an elegantly sparkling but agonized ode to heartbreak. Its ambient soundscape meld seamlessly with its tender keys and Skela’s extraordinary vocals. Skela teams up with producer and co-writer Josh Jacobson once again on the song, a graceful and fluid ballad I gladly sink deeply into, over and over again.

August 28, 2015

Thomas Jack’s soulful tropical house original Rivers is seeing a myraid of transformations on plentiful remixes these days. From last week’s nu-disco and French house edit by HUGEL, we move on to a heavenly melodic house remix by German producer Alex Schulz. This one’s meant to soundtrack those perfect moments when the most beautiful sunset adorns the sky. Alex Schulz’s remix is a heart melter, a sigh inducer, a soul uplifter to the utmost. Has the world ever seemed more lovely?

August 26, 2015

This one fires on all counts, in a breathtaking, tender way, which should be no surprise, since it brings together three amazing acts that I’ve lauded plentifully on IHM in the past. British singer songwriter Allman Brown unleashes a gentle yet raw folk and soul ballad named Rivers, and it features Robyn Sherwell on  gorgeous backing vocals as well as Mt. Wolf’s Sebastian Fox on production duty. We’ve enjoyed the fruits of Allman Brown and Mt. Wolf’s collaborative efforts in the past, and we already know how well Mt. Wolf’s atmospheric production pairs with Allman Browns heartfelt, genuine vocals. It’s a whole new level of sweeping beauty with the addition of Robyn Sherwell’s soft vocals. The combo quite heavily reminds me of Damien Rice’s music when Lisa Hannigan was still on board, but of course, more ethereal and feathery.

August 21, 2015

Thomas Jack’s soulful and organic tropical house jam Rivers gets a bright and rosy remix from French producer HUGEL, who bursts on to my happy radar with the irresistible edit. It’s a nu-disco and French house affair. Get those dance shoes ready, because this one’s a monster of a classy banger. The remix will be out soon on Warner Music. In the meantime, if you’re new to HUGEL like I was not too long ago, keep your dance party going with the producer’s wicked sexy remix of Robin Schulz’s Sugar, below. 

July 12, 2015

In the sudden onslaught of summery, tropical electronic music, one of the pioneering voices had fallen silent for an agonizing long time. Though Australian producer Thomas Jack stayed quiet for nearly a year, I recently learned that he’s been doing a “Thomas Jack Presents” series, with some great tunes showcased, well worthy of checking out. The producer finally returned this past week with a brand new original named Rivers, a superb reminder why he was so heavily praised and warmly loved over a year ago. Rivers is an acoustic meets tropical dance song dripping in honeyed, hopeful sentiment, reminding me of some of the classics from the 80′s, but Balearic suffused. The beautiful tropical house song was co-produced by German producer JUNKX. Rivers is out now on Pete Tong’s FFRR records, and its the perfect summer anthem.

January 3, 2015

Ambient electronic pop song Soft is a beautiful, sparkling song from a British act named RIVERS. It’s an exquisite and bewitching listen, carrying a touch of Purity Ring mystique and plenty of ethereal, enchanting atmosphere. The dark and hypnotic Soft follows on the heels of RIVERS’ prior tune Milk and Honey, also an engaging and mesmerizing gem. Stream the brooding, swirling electropop song below. I know little else about this mysterious RIVERS, but I’m most certainly elated to have encountered these haunting songs. 

June 11, 2013

Bipolar Sunshine is yet another talented artist to come out of the UK, and specifically, Manchester. The act is the project of a man named Adio Marchant, and he’s certainly one to watch. His latest piece of music is titled Blossoms, and it’s a wobble tinged, shadowy, addictive listen. The track is off his upcoming debut EP, Aesthetics, out in the UK on June 17. Check out two more great tracks by Bipolar Sunshine below. Rivers is bright and light, unlike Blossoms. Fire is more subdued but still very warm.