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April 12, 2018

A mysterious new project named NAVA is turning heads and perking ears with their imaginative brand of electronic pop. They dish out a left of center form of icy dark, visceral raw music on RITUAL. Even the song’s music video seems steeped in mysticism. RITUAL’s pounding drums, and its sharp jabbing, caustic twisting repertoire of spine-tingling elements feels nothing short of spiritually ceremonial. Jungle and industrial are interwoven into the track’s electronica. The resulting fusion, alongside NAVA’s bewitching vocals, are like a blend of Kill J with Fever Ray. Though NAVA only has one Instagram post to date, you can keep up with the enigmatic newcomer(s), here.

October 3, 2017

British four piece RITUAL has been tearing into our hearts and taking our breaths away with their shadowy pop and sorrowful R&B imbued indietronica for quite some time. The past months’ affecting music and haunting music videos have finally culminated in the release of their No Escape Out Of Time project, a stellar collection of tracks complemented by a short film from Jackson Ducasse. Together, they’ve created a stunning audio/visual experience. You can watch the film below. With the project comes a brand new version of RITUAL’s Drown The Lovers, now interwoven with pensively lulling guest vocals by ever popular Baltimore hip hop, trap, and R&B talent 6LACK. It’s the perfect complement to RITUAL’s poignant aching, dusky somber music. 

On No Escape Out Of Time, RITUAL says: “The ‘No Escape Out Of Time’ visual project was something that really developed after we had written the song ‘Drown The Lovers’ .We are big film fans and have always been obsessed with the screenplays and work of Charlie Kaufman. His take on themes of memory, time and love in ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’ especially really interested us when we were talking about a visual exploration of the lyrics in ‘Drown The Lovers’ . The film and the songs on the project as a whole explore the ideas of the lifespan of a relationship , something that can start so pure and beautiful but can end so bitterly. From ‘Real Feels’ through to ‘Better By Now’ there is a journey that is ultimately summed up best by the chorus ‘It Wouldn’t Be Love , if it didn’t hurt nobody’ .”  You can find RITUAL’s music on iTunes, here.

July 11, 2017

Our journey with British four piece RITUAL continues as they reveal the latest track and video from their No Escape Out Of Time project. RITUAL just made their live debut at a spellbinding show at The Roundhouse in London, which leaves me hoping it means they might begin to tour the world soon. They deliver another heartrending dose of their aching pop and shadowy cinematics on Better By Now, a breathtaking ballad that adds strength to my conviction that RITUAL can’t put out a single unsatisfying song. Again, I find myself melting to its harmonious but sorrowful vocals, which I’ve fallen even harder for ever since Mononoke joined the band’s ranks. The way RITUAL can tell a story of loss and hearbreak with their music is absolutely gut wrenching, but always incredibly beautiful. RITUAL explains of Better By Now’s lyrics: “…

we are just us saying that everyone recovers and deals with things in their own time and way. People often tell you how you are ‘supposed to feel’ etc but I don’t get that. ‘Who cares’ what you think really.” My excitement for RITUAL’s audio/visual project No Escape Out Of Time continues to grow at an exponential rate with every new release. Better By Now is out as a single on iTunes, here.

May 24, 2017

Fast on the heels of that re-work of Real Feels that features Denzel Curry comes the next chapter from RITUAL’s audio/visual project No Escape Out Of Time. Wouldn’t Be Love is another moving ambient electronica meets melancholic R&B pop and entrancing trip hop piece from the British project that features their now signature male female vocal duets featuring recent band addition Mononoke. Watch the latest visual accompaniment for their new song below. It’s a continuation of their storytelling expertise, directed by Jackson Ducasse. Wouldn’t Be Love is available from all major outlets, here.

May 15, 2017

How I failed to encounter this next gem until late last week, two weeks after it first surfaced, is a huge mystery to me. We’re fond of Dutch producer R3HAB, and as you probably know if you’ve been following along lately, we’re massive fans of British project RITUAL. On R3HAB’s Hallucinations, RITUAL lends their ever poignantly stirring vocals to the producer’s gorgeously crafted house track, replete with classic strings, uptempo beats, and melodic keys. This entrancing and enchanting combination is out now via iTunes, here.

May 6, 2017

It’s no secret that I harbor a deep love for British project RITUAL and their dark haunting, poignant stirring compositions, and that my reverence for them has only grown stronger since singer songwriter Mononoke joined their ranks with her beautiful voice in tow. I also can’t help but gravitate to this new remix of RITUAL’s Real Feels, their recent collaboration with US rapper Denzel Curry. Illinois based fast rising rapper Kweku Collins contributes a pensive rousing verse to the gossamer skittering experience. The original comes from of RITUAL’s ongoing audio visual project No Escape Out Of Time release. You can stream the project on Soundcloud, here.

April 9, 2017

I’ve been a long time fan of British project RITUAL, but ever since Liverpool singer songwriter Mononoke joined their ranks to make them a four piece, my love for them has grown deeper than I ever thought it could. New single Real Feels brings us beautiful vocal combinations by Mononoke and Gerard O’Connell, laid ever heartrendingly over RITUAL’s dark haunting electronic soundscape. The R&B meets electronic pop song also features fast rising rap star Denzel Curry on guest vocals. Real Feels comes from RITUAL’s forthcoming audio-visual project No Escape Out Of Time. It’s out as a single now via Island Records / Decisive Records. You can stream other amazing tracks revealed from RITUAL’s impending project, here

March 1, 2017

Drown The Lovers is RITUAL’s first song of 2017, and it arrives with a spectacularly crafted cinematic video too. The inky haunting visualizer is a fine match to Drown The Lovers’ poignant and shadowy ambient pop. The once British trio is now a four piece. It’s with much pleasure that I learned that the fourth member is none other than Liverpool singer songwriter Mononoke. Her beautiful voice is unmistakable on Drown The Lovers. This confluence of talent brings us a breathtakingly gorgeous, dusky throbbing gem. Drown The Lovers blankets us in a murky fog brimming with exquisite sorrow. RITUAL says of the song: “We wrote Drown The Lovers as a kind of a fantasy idea, to say ‘lets forget everything thats gone before, all the heartaches and trauma we’ve been through in past relationships and love like we’ve never hurt. There’s a beauty and innocence in first love that you can never get back.’” Indeed, Drown The Lovers feels like an elegy, and its impact on the heart is more than shattering. The song is a first taste from new project No Escape Out Of Time. 

November 24, 2016

Stockholm’s Elsa Carmona gives us the dark, brooding pop jam ‘Ritual’. Last night I was listening to Banks and Elsa’s ‘Ritual’ resembles the dark electro pop of the aforementioned artist. Elsa has previously been featured on I Heart Moosiq but under the alias of Sirena. If that name sounds familiar it’s because she was the featured vocalist on Alesso’s ‘Sweet Escape’.

November 1, 2016

Long time IHM adored British trio RITUAL released their new EP Every Night Another but Not You last Friday, and though we’ve already gleefully featured much of the music on the four track release, there’s one new gem we’ve yet to address, the closing song, Amen. On Amen, RITUAL gives us a surprisingly light and airy, delicate and tender display of spiritual warmth. As the song progresses, it takes on a multi-layered character and modulated quality reminiscent of Bon Iver, which gives the song a far reaching, profoundly vast depth. It’s a rather humbling listen, one that feels like it first focuses in on my own heart then spirals outwards to connect with the universe. RITUAL’s Every Night Another but Not You EP is available from iTunes.