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July 7, 2015

This one takes me straight back to my raver days, when I used to dance all night to trance music and wear baggy pants and visors. Yes, those were some fun times. There were many trance anthems that I still love to this day, including Chicane’s Saltwater. Irish producer Reuben Keeney brings that euphoric gem back with an incredible remix that really focuses in on the original’s sampling of Clannad, imbuing the vocals with an even more wispy, atmospheric quality. Lush layers, sparkling melody, and cinematic bass come together to build a cosmic deep house experience not easily found in house music these days. The serene yet thrilling remix reminds us all how beautiful electronic music can be, and how magnificent trance music once was. Take me back to 1999… The remix is available as a free download, here.

May 22, 2015

A buddy introduced me to this new remix crafted by Irish producer Reuben Keeney, and its simply divine. He re-imagined New York artist Stalking Gia’s Born Free as a luscious deep house jam, molding it into a hypnotic and voluminous track that gives a spectacular, boundless sense of liberating depth and space. It instills in me an urge to magically transport myself to a vast and cavernous club floor to freely dance the night away, while the rest of the world is shut outside like a forgotten, insignificant mirage. The remix is Reuben Keeney’s first of the year, and he chose to re-emerge with an ace edit. You might recall Reuben closed out 2014 with that intoxicating remix of Jasmine Thompson’s cover of Sweet Child Of Mine. It’s obvious this guy knows how to properly make his exits and entrances.

December 23, 2014

When Irish artist Reuben Keeney heard London musician Jasmine Thompson’s enchanting cover of Guns N’ Roses classic Sweet Child Of Mine, he was so taken in by it that he knew he had to remix the track. The resulting ambient and mellow house track is a sublime, exquisite treat. Since its release as a free download last Friday, Reuben Kenney’s remix has been supported by the likes of IHM production faves like Hotel Garuda, Autograf, and FlicFlac. Interestingly enough, I find myself somewhat reminded of more sparkly Zero 7 and more breezy Massive Attack on the remix.