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May 11, 2018

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 05.04.2018 – 05.10.2018

Featured Music – May 4 – 10, 2018
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May 2, 2018

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 04.24.2018 – 05.02.2018

Featured Music – April 24 – May 2, 2018
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April 30, 2018

Ever since Salad Days in 2014, slacker rock purveyor Mac DeMarco has become a dignitary of sorts in the indie rock scene, with countless devout fans all across the world. Sydney’s Mickey Kojak must be a big fan, too. After all, he’s given Mac DeMarco’s Chamber Of Reflection a ravishing cover re-work, and the resulting languorously synthwavy and spacey soulful rendition is absolutely stunning, if not wonderfully, dreamily nostalgic. It’s a thorough transformation, and a thorough intoxicator. 

April 3, 2018

If you’re as fond of 80s inspired retrowave and synthpop as we are, then you’re going to love The Bomb. Its dark new wave comes courtesy of Santa Cruz duo Vandal Moon, who’ve even teamed up with rising Oakland project vverevvolf on the song, a very pleasant surprise considering our ever growing love for the recently discovered band. Shades of The Cure and Blaqk Audio bedeck the restlessly enamoring track, while vverevvolf’s vocals add some welcome and contagious heat. The Bomb is lifted from Vandal Moon’s upcoming album Wild Insane, out April 20th. Pre-order on Bandcamp, here.

April 3, 2018

Last week, Welsh singer and musician Ryan James dropped his latest song as Man Without Country, teaming up with platinum selling Norwegian producer Ralph Myerz and Norwegian synth duo Crucial Things in the process. Remember the Bad Things is a slick pulsating, fleecy whirring slice of nostalgic synthpop and indie electro bliss. Plucky guitar punctuates the italo-disco inflected, opulently thrumming dazzler, which is out now via Killing Moon Records. For a song about remembering bad things, Man Without Country’s new single sure brings us a massive dose of rhapsodic euphoria. 

February 28, 2018

In the past week or so, CHVRCHES has been teasing us about a forthcoming single featuring Matt Berninger of The National as a guest. As huge fans of both bands, we couldn’t wait to hear the track. Today, we get to listen to My Enemy, a new taste from CHVRCHES’ next album Love Is Dead. And as expected, it’s left me with chills. Droopy retro synths and Matt Berninger’s deep rolling voice join Lauren Mayberry and the Scottish electro-pop projects’ signature sound on the aching tune. For CHVRCHES, this is downtempo and morose, but what else would you expect with Matt Berninger in tow? It’s a nice change of pace for a band who’s scintillated us with their upbeat pulsing anthems, and I can’t get enough of its slick production. We’re still waiting on more information regarding that next CHVRCHES album, but we’re pre-ordering it the moment the chance arrives!

February 21, 2018

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 02.13.2018 – 02.20.2018

Featured Music – February 13-20, 2018
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January 17, 2018

Come April 11th, Brooklyn producer Chrome Sparks will be joining Machinedrum in San Francisco with a sure to be mind blowing show at the Great American Music Hall. I last caught Jeremy Malvin at SXSW dropping a ridiculous set that near melted my face off, and I expect the performance on April 11th to have a similarly astonishing effect. He’ll have some fresh ammunition to dazzle us with, including this new track What’s It Gonna Take, featuring Angelica Bess of Body Language on guest vocals, whom he last collaborated with on All Or Nothing. Angelica Bess’ deep soulful, rich entrancing voice makes for the perfect pairing yet again with Chrome Sparks’ fluorescent production on the retrowavey ambient electronic track. What’s It Gonna Take surges and swells,  spreading through every ounce of our body with a purely intoxicating, intensely stimulating effect. The exceptional single is out now on Counter Records. Stream/purchase, here. Learn more about Chrome Sparks’ upcoming spring tour, here.

December 12, 2017

It’s been an immensely long time since we’ve heard from Little Wolves, the Los Angeles based project lead by Samuel Jacob Lopez Jr. for whom we’ve had the pleasure of premiering sensational tracks in the past. We’ve been wondering where they’ve gone over the past few months, and we’re over the moon that Little Wolves has returned with their first single in over a year. ‘Break Free’ with their new synth pumping, slick pulsing song, a resolute driving synthrock meets alt pop anthem about going for your heart’s desires and reaching for your dreams. In case you’ve forgotten how good their previous offerings are, you can visit their Soundcloud, here.

November 7, 2017

Swedish duo Tundran must have been hard at work on their sudden new EP this past year. They broke a long silence last Friday to give us Morning Moon, a fabulous suffusion of the pair’s sweeping synthpop from which comes this synth flowing, iridescent shimmering beauty, All The Love. Heartbreak and nostalgia abound on the epic 80s inspired synthpop and indie electronic song. Tundran says of their Morning Moon EP: 

“We really loved writing and producing the Morning Moon EP. It was a very sobering experience for us. When making music, we usually like to lose ourselves in dreams and our imagination, but it felt natural to explore some personal feelings this time around. We always embrace changes to our music, and we will keep evolving in the future. For now, it’s incredibly exciting to release these songs, and let them run free in the wild.” Preview Tundran’s new 7 track EP on Soundcloud, here.