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April 3, 2018

Poignant and bittersweet is the retro soulful pop found in Crying, a song from Speak In Rhythms, an album that Carmanah dropped last month. The trio, who hails from Victoria, Canada, bewitch us with their dusty lilting tune and spectacular vocals by lead singer Laura Mina. The 60s styled ballad would fit right into a Twin Peaks episode with its vintage charm and Roadhouse ready magnetism. A hint of Teddy Sinclair and a touch of early Cults also imbue the track, though there’s far more of a classic a throwback aura. Making me fall even harder for the song is the aching guitar solo. You can stream Speak In Rhythms in full on Soundcloud, here.

December 12, 2017

It’s true, this debut has been impressing tastemakers since the beginning of the month, and it’s rather criminal we haven’t found time to share it until now, but better late than never, especially when it comes to rx Soul and his woozy soulful first single. The Los Angeles based artist showcases some jaw dropping chops and spectacular range on All The Way There. With a voice that can reach Gallant-level falsettos as well as drop to a deep NoMBe-like raspy drawl, rx Soul serenades us with a dreamy effusion of retro/alt soul. He says of All The Way There: “I wrote this song while spending a couple cold months in a studio apartment in LA, with almost no money to my name. Barely eating, scared, freezing, I was thinking nightly about home, first loves, any time and place but then and there. All The Way There came out of that endless cycle of searching for a better feeling I had but lost… how I never quite found it, but I never stopped looking.” You can also stream the debut via Spotify, here.

October 30, 2017

Last Friday, an artist whom we consider one of the most talented newcomers this past year released his debut album. You can stream ‘Is Everything Okay In Your World?’ in full, here. Young English artist Yellow Days continues to haunt and stir with his signature combination of psychedelic pop and lo-fi soul on songs like this one off the album, I’ve Been Thinking Too Hard, creating a dreamy pensive, droopy yearning effect with his music. The album is a more than satiating culmination of our year long addiction to George van den Broeck and his gooey viscous, muggy churning music. His album is available from iTunes, here.

June 9, 2017

After listening to the charming retro soul and swinging R&B of I Need You, it should come as no surprise that up and coming artist on the rise Jalen N’Gonda has already opened for the likes of Jamie Woon, Lauryn HIll, and Laura Mvula

. Just a few seconds in and I was already flush with excitement over the new artist. Jalen N’Gonda’s 60′s soul is like Otis Redding paired with Leon Bridges, with slivers of Danger Mouse project Gnarls Barkley sashaying through its brisk strokes. I Need You follows on the success of the Liverpool based talent’s early tracks like Holler (When You Call My Name) and Why I Try, which are approaching 1.5 million streams. A host of summer festivals in addition to Jalen’s first shows back in his native US have all been confirmed. A full EP will be arriving later this year. Jalen N’Gonda is one to watch, and we’re hoping we get to watch him live soon in a more intimate venue before he blows up, though no San Francisco date has been announced for his tour (yet). 

April 25, 2017

Jacob Banks blew me away when the Nigerian born UK singer songwriter made his San Francisco debut at Popscene earlier this year. We were expecting it, having so eagerly shared incredible songs like Chainsmoking, Unholy War, and Monster 2.0, yet his performance exceeded even our highest expectations. With his rugged soulful voice, full of power and passion, he belted out his nostalgia laden, emotion ridden songs and drove home the fact that he’s obviously poised for great things ahead. A few days ago, Jacob Banks released his The Boy Who Cried Freedom EP, a collection of five incredible songs, some new, some previously shared. Among the fresh gems is this slow swaying ballad named Part Time Love. It’s vintage soul, retro gospel, and mellow rock are an immediate must for the plenteous people out there who love Michael Kiwanuka and Leon Bridges (both of whom I’ve had the pleasure of re-visiting lately due to my recent addiction to HBO’s Big Little Lies). Jacob Banks needs to be on season 2′s soundtrack, don’t you agree? Stream Jacob Banks’ The Boy Who Cried Freedom EP in full on Soundcloud. Purchase from iTunes, here.

November 12, 2016

17 year old English musician George Van De Broek is drumming up a lot of praise and excitement with his project Yellow Days. He exhibits a remarkable amount of weathered maturity in his music despite his age, a quality more than apparent on his new song Gap In The Clouds. When I think of clouds parting on a gloomy day, I imagine brilliant rays of sunlight breaking out in from clarion blue spaces. It’s a heavenly moment of joy that George captures on his song, a wondrously lifting mixture of 60′s soul and gossamer pop. The package is extra fresh as it’s also endowed with trip hop like percussive rolls and sparkling psychedelia. Gap In The Clouds is like a brilliant Leon Bridges and King Krule wild child. Don’t be surprised if Yellow Days becomes the next new darling act on the tip of everyone’s tongues someday soon.

October 26, 2016

It’s been a very long time since Rubblebucket’s music has graced the pages of IHM. They make a long awaited return with brassy chic single, Donna. The Brooklyn five piece will be releasing a new EP named U C My Enemies on January 20th, and they’ve also announced a slew of winter tour dates including a New Years Eve show. Now that’s how you make a highly anticipated comeback! I can’t help but find Donna’s dreamy opulent, psychedelic dazzling indie pop irresistible. They seem to throw in everything into this woozy, flowery mix… be it resplendent jazz, disco funk, or retro soul. Head over to Rubblebucket’s website for more details about their impending tour.

October 13, 2016

Yellow Days is quickly drumming up a lot of excitement over his music, and it’s absolutely worth all the hoopla. The project is the brainchild of 17 year old English musician George Van De Broek, who despite his youthful age, exhibits a weathered maturity on new single Your Hand Holding Mine. This slow drawling, honeyed crackling alt-soul ballad burns brilliantly in a sea of woozy psychedelic atmospherics. Yellow Days recently signed to Good Years (BANKS, Francis and the Lights, Lil Silva), and his unique sound is sure to make a huge impression in the months to come. Leon Bridges meets Hozier in a deep quivering manner on this melancholic and gossamer drifter, which comes with a ghostly morose video. Life goes on. As the road turns and winds, we always move forward. Ghosts of the past chase from behind, or perhaps, we look longingly back at them, wishing we can turn around.

September 17, 2016

“Who’s got you singing again” is certainly not a question that I get asked very often, considering how very rare it is that I sing in public or hang out at karaoke joints with my friends, but I must confess, I feel a need to whistle like a joyous bird while listening to PREP’s new smooth strutting, honey soulful jam. Who’s Got You Singing Again is a satin carpet ride back through long gone decades. PREP woos me with their dreamy cooing and move me with their pastel groove, leaving me looking forward to their debut EP, Futures, due out October 14th. Pre-order from B3SCI.

June 29, 2016

When I saw that a music video had been released for Cruel Youth’s Mr. Watson, I knew I had to jump on it, quick. I promptly shared the song over four months ago when it first surfaced too, and it’s still as bewitching as it was then, if not even more so. Mr. Watson is Cruel Youth’s debut single, but Cruel Youth is not new to the scene at all. The project was created by Natalia Kills aka Teddy Sinclair, and the trio dishes out some absolutely charming retro soul and vintage pop that evokes the likes of Amy Winehouse, The Ronettes, Cults, and Lana Del Rey. The carnival setting of Mr. Watson’s glamorous dream like video offers visual dazzlement and bold colors that go hand in hand with the gilded allure of Mr. Watson. The single can be purchased now from iTunes.