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March 30, 2018

Los Angeles based duo Lean enraptured us a few months ago with funk tinged rock on Heatwave after having made their acclaimed debut in 2017, and now they’ve already revealed details regarding their debut full length! Years, which will be out on May 25th, features this fantastic first single, Inaction, a twangy chugging The War On Drugs meets retro-hued, infectiously rocking TEN FÉ sort of timeless jam. Stephen Johnson of Lean explains: “‘Inaction’ is different from other Lean songs because it’s not about any specific personal experience or people. It’s just a general impression of how all people are and particularly some of our worst qualities.” Inaction can be found on Apple Music, here, or Spotify, here.

February 9, 2018

If there’s one thing we’re certain of this week, it’s that we want more of MorMor after the new singer songwriter and producer from Toronto has blessed us with his first single, Heaven’s Only Wishful. MorMor delivers wry and witty, whimsical and introspective alt music on the lightly strutting ballad. The song’s synthwave meets soft rock backdrop carries some vintage Fleetwood flavor alongside its plentiful sprinkling of playful wagging Future Islands-like rhythms. Heaven’s Only Wishful is an eclectic track whose retro-inspired rock even reminds us of British band TEN FÉ, but with a more velvety drawl. Watch MorMor’s music video for the superb debut below, and say hello to your new obsession. 

February 2, 2018

Wet leather normally doesn’t sound very appealing. Soggy, stinky, and sticky come to mind. But when it comes to NYC indie mainstays Wet Leather, there’s nothing more appealing than the band’s genre blurring tunes. While prior singles like Too Serious and Shame tend to remind me of bands like Hot Chip, Joywave, or Talking Heads, Wet Leather’s new single IWMU is more like a krautrock infused cross between The War On Drug’s twangy heartland rock and TEN FÉ’s vintage flavored jaunty rock. Its exhilarating kicks, punchy rhythm, and propulsive beats take off with animated energy. We dive in full force and bounce along in exhilaration, never once looking back. Wet Leather quips: “It’s hard to say whether this is a love song or just an evasive apology.“ Wet Leather’s new album Present Lives will be arriving tomorrow, February 2nd. 

April 28, 2015

Earlier today,  Ezra Furman announced a new full length, Perpetual Motion People, to be released July 6th on Bella Union. He recorded the album with his current band The Boyfriends. Furman also shared a brand new treat from the forthcoming album. Lousy Connection is a bold and exhilarating retro indie rock song, with bellowing horns, witty lyrics, and a snappy doo wop rhythm. Lousy Connection is a highly spirited and glitzy song that’s easily become my favorite from the San Francisco based Chicago native.

Veronica Falls

September 8, 2011

veronica falls

Oh I like this… Veronica Falls, hello there! 

She has a debut album coming up too and hails from the UK (surprise?). This sounds very retro with some freshness to it. Here’s another track (first single off upcoming debut album I think)…