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April 3, 2018

Poignant and bittersweet is the retro soulful pop found in Crying, a song from Speak In Rhythms, an album that Carmanah dropped last month. The trio, who hails from Victoria, Canada, bewitch us with their dusty lilting tune and spectacular vocals by lead singer Laura Mina. The 60s styled ballad would fit right into a Twin Peaks episode with its vintage charm and Roadhouse ready magnetism. A hint of Teddy Sinclair and a touch of early Cults also imbue the track, though there’s far more of a classic a throwback aura. Making me fall even harder for the song is the aching guitar solo. You can stream Speak In Rhythms in full on Soundcloud, here.

April 3, 2018

Last week, Welsh singer and musician Ryan James dropped his latest song as Man Without Country, teaming up with platinum selling Norwegian producer Ralph Myerz and Norwegian synth duo Crucial Things in the process. Remember the Bad Things is a slick pulsating, fleecy whirring slice of nostalgic synthpop and indie electro bliss. Plucky guitar punctuates the italo-disco inflected, opulently thrumming dazzler, which is out now via Killing Moon Records. For a song about remembering bad things, Man Without Country’s new single sure brings us a massive dose of rhapsodic euphoria. 

April 3, 2018

With a jaunty step that reminds us instantaneously of The Strokes and a wavy sleek 80s vibrancy that also evokes Phoenix, Video Age pulls us into their synthpop world with “Hold On (I Was Wrong)”. It’s a fabulous preview off the New Orleans based duo’s forthcoming album Pop Therapy, and what sweet aural therapy it is! It’s nearly impossible not to get up and start twirling around the room to this smooth retro-earworm. Pop Therapy arrives June 15th on Inflated Records, and it follows Video Age’s debut, Living Alone, from 2016. 

March 23, 2018

joan tenderizes our hearts then liquefies them into molten goo with their new retro-pop heartrender, ‘i loved you first’. The Little Rock, Arkansas pair, who’ve also announced spring tour dates with San Francisco’s Geographer, deliver a prom-ready ballad drenched in tender melancholy and wistful sentimentality. ‘i loved you first’ encapsulates everything you wanted to say to your middle school first crush, but couldn’t without an adequate amount of self growth and reflection. Glazed chords, aching guitar, and joan’s sweet, glossy cooing brings back all the bittersweet feels of those ill-fated crushes and doe-eyed, youthful romances. If you missed out on joan’s music despite the fact that we’ve been fervently featuring the pair’s tunes for the past year, check out their prior releases, here. Keep up with the band and their tour dates on their website, here.

February 28, 2018

If you’re as fond of crisp clarion vocals and synthwavy synthpop as we are, then you’re going to naturally gravitate towards NINA and her slick shimmering, vibrant pulsing single Sleepwalking. The German pop singer-songwriter, who’s based out of London, is a classically trained vocalist who garners musical influence from the likes of Depeche Mode and contemporary artists like Chromatics, Ladyhawke, and Timecop 1983. Sleepwalking also evokes Avec Sans, Robyn, and CHVRCHES with its glistening beats and svelte vocals. It’s the title track from NINA’s debut album, arriving on March 16th. NINA comments more on the title track; “Sleepwalking is one of the more upbeat songs on the album, full of arpeggiators and pulsating synth sequences. This track was produced by Oscillian and it’s about how we subconsciously become protectors of the ones we love and care about, almost as if we were a hunter in a trance, or sleepwalking. It also talks about how people can dramatically change throughout a relationship. I’m very excited to finally release my debut album, which is entirely for my fans. They’ve been super patient and supportive all these years.” Pre-order NINA’s debut album Sleepwalking, here.

February 27, 2018

We’ve been caught in the tide of Fly By Midnight’s retro hued synthpop and alt pop many times these past two years,and we gladly ride that current once again as the NYC duo explores the darker side of love on their new break up anthem, Just Say It. The duo explores the complexities that come with falling in and out of love on the synth florid, beat whirring heart melter. Fly By Midnight, known for their infectious energy and unique harmonies, continues to pick up momentum this year with their music, which has generated strong independent buzz as well as charted as high as #6 on Spotify’s Viral 50. They’ll be playing Delaware Music Festival this June.

February 9, 2018

If there’s one thing we’re certain of this week, it’s that we want more of MorMor after the new singer songwriter and producer from Toronto has blessed us with his first single, Heaven’s Only Wishful. MorMor delivers wry and witty, whimsical and introspective alt music on the lightly strutting ballad. The song’s synthwave meets soft rock backdrop carries some vintage Fleetwood flavor alongside its plentiful sprinkling of playful wagging Future Islands-like rhythms. Heaven’s Only Wishful is an eclectic track whose retro-inspired rock even reminds us of British band TEN FÉ, but with a more velvety drawl. Watch MorMor’s music video for the superb debut below, and say hello to your new obsession. 

February 8, 2018

It’s been an epic ride with MGMT and their ever-changing synthpop and psych rock over the years. From the breakout success of the band’s first album Oracular Spectacular to their more experimental sound in their later albums, the Connecticut duo has never failed to defy expectations and keep us on our toes. And now, they’re about to drop their fourth album Little Dark Age, which I’ve been looking forward to since they revealed the title track last year. It’s obvious Andrew and Ben have opted to meld some of their avant-garde experimentalism with more of their earlier synthpop and new wave sounds in these new songs. Fresh single Me and Michael, which arrives by way of music video, is more of their electro-tinged, 80s hued pop, heavily drizzled with some italo-wave and a French touch that at times evokes M83 (particularly M83′s album Junk). Pre-order Little Dark Age, here, and let’s celebrate its arrival on Friday.

February 3, 2018

Overjoyed is an understatement when it comes to how we felt when Olivver The Kid suddenly re-emerged last month with a brand new single. The ex-member of The Neighbourhood took a long break before regaling us with alt pop song Bitter, and he’s picking up a fresh surge of momentum by quickly following the track up with new single Annie. The Los Angeles based musician hits us with lavish synths and crushing nostalgia on the dreamy waltz, a prom-ready slow dancr of a synthy alt pop ballad. Olivver The Kid’s creamy cooing reaches lofty heights on the lovelorn heart-on-the-sleeve melter. Whoever this Annie is, she sure made a lasting mark on someone’s heart. Stream prior single Bitter and Olivver The Kid’s fine collection of songs on Soundcloud, here.

February 2, 2018

Wet leather normally doesn’t sound very appealing. Soggy, stinky, and sticky come to mind. But when it comes to NYC indie mainstays Wet Leather, there’s nothing more appealing than the band’s genre blurring tunes. While prior singles like Too Serious and Shame tend to remind me of bands like Hot Chip, Joywave, or Talking Heads, Wet Leather’s new single IWMU is more like a krautrock infused cross between The War On Drug’s twangy heartland rock and TEN FÉ’s vintage flavored jaunty rock. Its exhilarating kicks, punchy rhythm, and propulsive beats take off with animated energy. We dive in full force and bounce along in exhilaration, never once looking back. Wet Leather quips: “It’s hard to say whether this is a love song or just an evasive apology.“ Wet Leather’s new album Present Lives will be arriving tomorrow, February 2nd.