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January 26, 2017

The new video for Portuguese duo Best Youth’s glamorous single Renaissance is a fancy feast for the eyes, just like the lustrous gilded, rococo adorned pop song it’s been fashioned for happens to be for the ears. Dreamy swelling synths, breezy guitar licks, and a zesty beat calls for some requisite spinning around the room, perhaps dressed in your finest threads to match Renaissance’s lavish glitz. This sensuous blitz of opulence is utterly addictive. 

May 26, 2016

Rising young producer Steve James proved himself a great composer of original pieces when he revealed his debut single, Renaissance, late last year. The twinkling, fluttering song features vocals by much buzzing songbird Clairity. Today, we get to revisit Renaissance, thanks to a remix by North Carolina’s Gill Chang. In a way, it’s ironic to remix a song named Renaissance, since it’s like a rebirth of a rebirth, or an awakening of an awakening. This Renaissance gets a regal magnificent rebirth on Gill Chang’ remix. It whomps spaciously, harmonizes beautifully, and chops with graceful vigor. The exhilarating future bass and chill trap inspired remix is a free download, here, just in time for summer.

April 8, 2016

When rising producer Steve James first revealed his debut original, Renaissance, featuring Clairity, it was obvious to me that there was going to be a long line of stupendous remixes coming our way. What surprised me was that it took several months before the sudden onslaught to occur, though I suppose this has a lot to do with the timing of an official remix package just released. Let’s followup on the string of remixes shared this past week with the latest impressive edit, one by California electronic duo ARMNHMR. The two give us a melodically exhilarating rendition of Renaissance, one with colossal build ups and crushing trap drops. Head over to iTunes to purchase the Renaissance Remix EP.

April 3, 2016

Young Pittsburgh producer Steve James is widely considered one of electronic dance music’s rising stars in the scene. He’s produced for international superstar Justin Bieber, and his debut original Renaissance, featuring Clairity, only served to set those expectations into stone. A bevy of miraculous remixes of Renaissance has been surfacing lately as expected, and French producer Paxel may have just unleashed one of the most captivating edits, one full of wonder and youthful magic. The weightlessly buoyant, tropically funky future bass remix is melodic and radiant, a great escape of soothing feel good vibes. Purchase and download Paxel’s remix from various outlets, here.

March 27, 2016

It’s with great pleasure that I stumbled upon the work of a producer out of Los Angeles named Dryden Brown, whose second track on his soundcloud account is a remix of none other than Steve James’ marvelous first single, Renaissance, featuring future pop starlet Clairity. Dryden Brown moves me with his cool trap and crisp electro sleekness, illuminating this windy, chilly afternoon I’m having in bright, glimmering beauty. The radiant remix reminds me of some of Elephante and The Chainsmokers’ more trap leaning melodic gems. Download the remix for free, here.

January 7, 2016

Pittsburgh’s Steve James already had one helluva 2015, having produced for the controversial but much worshiped Justin Bieber and having dropped an incontestably phenomenal first single in the form of Renaissance, featuring pop starlet to watch, Clairity. It’s obvious 2016 is only going to be even more spectacular for this fast rising young producer, but as we wait for his next big moves, the remixes for Renaissance have started to roll in. Florida newcomer Kid is at the helm of this first interpretation of Renaissance, a ornately textured futuristic progressive approach that takes us into a Porter like world of lushly exuberant twists and turns. There’s no escaping the grandiosity of this noble edit. Free download, here.

December 1, 2015

Today’s a mighty fine day, because production acts that IHM has obsessed over endlessly have dropped a fantastic array of originals after regaling us with so many unforgettable remixes. Pittsburgh’s Steve James is one such talent, and he’s released his very first single, Renaissance, proving himself a true renaissance man despite his young age of 17. Renaissance is an enchanting electronic aria that sits comfortably between electronica and organic pop. It features gorgeously mesmerizing vocals by 18 year old Nashville singer songwriter Clairity, obviously one to watch too. The song twinkles, sparkles, and flutters beautifully with its full bodied layers of jabbing piano chords, plucky pings, and zestful drums. Renaissance leaves me ever excited to hear what’s next from this rising star, and to catch him live on tour someday.