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March 6, 2017

Big Alt-J news for big Alt-J fans like me has surfaced tonight, and I just had to hop on immediately to share. The band’s third album, Relaxer, will be arriving on June 9th. Alt-J has also revealed a first taste from the album. Gently strolling 3WW is a poetic ambling experimental folk piece that feels like we’re taking in José González from a medieval cloister before it crests with a supple stratification that evokes Alt-J’s prior music. 3WW is an enriching experience that offers more with every renewed listen, particularly when done so with the same fastidious attention to detail that is always rewarding when it comes to these English raconteurs. The song also features the addition of female vocals. They sound familiar, but I’ve yet to find any information regarding who it might be. As it turns out, it’s Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell! 3WW can also be streamed via Spotify or Apple Music, here. You can already pre-order RELAXER, here. Keep in mind this is Alt-J, so most of us will likely be unraveling the song bit by bit for some time to come. I’m sure there’s plenty to be discovered in 3WW’s esoteric lyrics and meticulous consistency. For the moment, I find 3WW to be beautiful. Is there anything more romantic than “I just want to love you in my own language”? But then, there’s also a lustful sense of desire to be felt in other portions of the song, too. One thing’s for sure, 3WW is an escapade, and we are tourists in Alt-J’s world, one immensely vivid and melodious. This is a song you can smell and taste.