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May 16, 2018

Refs waxes poignantly reflective on gooey melting new tune, Roots, the latest fine single from a NYC based electronic pop duo we’ve been featuring for three prolific years. We indulge in the jazzy, snazzy, creamy, and buttery alongside Refs on their electro-soul styled track. All of a sudden, all I want to do is close my eyes and slow-waltz around the room to their satin crooning and the luxuriantly simmering song, of which Refs states: 

‘A side effect of love stories that never fully play out is a looming sense of “if-only”. Roots is about all the meandering semi-truths and ill-advised solutions we lean into and learn from, in the absence of that bloom.’ The tenderly heartrending, gently aching sonnet can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

January 17, 2018

Our long time love affair with New York’s REFS continues into 2018 as the duo, consisting of vocalist Richard Saunders and producer Zachary Lipkins, presents us with their first single of the year in the form of Bound To Lose. It’s a vibrant springing, rich whirring electronic/alt pop affair with velvety melting vocals and acute stabbing beats. REFS explains: “‘Bound to Lose’ is a song for all those who have ever tried to drink, smoke, or fuck away the inevitable.” That’s extends to just about everyone in the world, right? We’ve all had those dire, desperate moments in our lives, and we’ve all learned from them too. Hopefully, we won’t repeat our mistakes now that we have this sweet reminder of a song to commiserate with from dashing duo REFS. We’re “bound to win” when it comes to REFS and their music. Bound To Lose can be streamed/downloaded, here.

November 7, 2017

I don’t want to be that basketball fan, but lately, I’ve been quite unsatisfied with how the refs have been officiating NBA games. On the other hand, I’m more than satisfied with Boarding It Up, a fabulous new tune from New York’s Refs! The outfit spent much of 2017 impressing countless new fans with their vivid brand of electronic pop. They return with a more than vibrant and opulent spectacular in the form slick stuttering, whimsically mellifluous Boarding It Up. Refs describes their excellent new offering as: “Peak euphoria tempered by crushed expectations as interpreted by a symphony of emotionally attuned synthesizers.” Boarding It Up really is a symphonic eruption, a polyphonic exaltation that lifts us higher and higher as it progresses. There’s no “boarding up” the emotions that break forth alongside the song. 

September 20, 2017

“Fools” we’d be not to gleefully take in a new tune from REFS after the NYC project has prolifically blessed us with stellar music for the past couple of years. Following on the heels of his last dashing single Spotlight comes a sleek swooning, percussive ensnaring new single named Fool. REFS, otherwise known as Zachary Lipkins, flexes his production chops on the track, creating a beautiful composite of clarion entrancing drum beats to balance with his velveteen crooning and moody slinking melody. Fool is like Jaymes Young and Fyfe, all in one emotionally evocative, creamy rousing song. Zachary states: 

“Fool” is the heir to “Pain Goes Away” – it’s that two way street of being in a relationship, both sides of the coin, the with and the without.” He’ll be releasing a trio of EPs this year, each one showcasing a different phase in dealing with the end of a relationship. Stream/purchase Fool, here.

July 4, 2017

REFS’ lavish synthpop and dashing soul gets a gilded infusion of luxuriant French house on the project from New York’s new single Spotlight. The song follows on recent single Forever, which was featured on HBO’s Girls and picked up thirteen New Music Friday listings. The duo says of their dazzling new electronic pop single: “You change over years, what you listen to, what you like, the aesthetics that you’re drawn to in terms of texture, simplicity, how much you’re feeling things out… ‘Spotlight’ is the sound of trying to figure out this french 80s thing like Justice and Tears For Fears. For me it’s the feeling of that first time when you’re just having fun with no expectations.” It’s no wonder I’m so drawn to Spotlight, considering my love of both Justice and Tears For Fears. Re-visit Forever and debut single Pain Goes Away on Soundcloud, here. REFS will be releasing a trio of EPs this year, each showcasing different phases of dealing with the end of a relationship. It looks to be a fine rest of the year for this long time REFS fan.

April 14, 2017

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April 13, 2017

Forever seems like a very long time, but it’s very possible we may be in love with Refs forever, especially if the NYC project continues presenting us with lavish pumping synthpop and soulful pop dazzlers like this new treat. Forever’s creamy vocals are met by luminous shimmering retrowave synths and high vaulting electro beats, making it a ravishing and exhilarating anthem that packs a whole lot of emotive punch. It’s no wonder Forever premiered earlier this week on acclaimed HBO series Girls. 

October 21, 2016

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October 20, 2016

NYC’s REFS is at it again, enveloping us in neon hued, saccharine grooving nostalgia. New song Breeze is a synth shimmering, wavy undulating 80′s throwback that features Richard Saunders on sweet gooey vocals and James King on a hot molten saxophone. James is also known for his brilliant saxophone duties on M83′s Midnight City. Coincidentally, Breeze heavily reminds me of some of M83′s music, with plenty of chillwave meets disco glam. Zach Lipkins, the producer behind REFS, describes the track as “the feeling of cruising on the last evening of August, swerving towards the dusk… or your frost coated window peering out from the middle of winter”. Either way, whether cruising on a sweltering summer night or looking out at the snow from the cozy indoors, this is one steamy sensual, grand luxuriant jam. 

July 21, 2016

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