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oOoOO’s Headphone Highlights session

March 21, 2012

Yes, I’m doing a complete 180 from the last post. oOoOO did an awesome session for Redbull Music Academy Radio. Listen to the dark, choppy, screwy set below along with some description from oOoOO himself. And here’s the description on Redbull Music Academy’s website:

Yeah, okay, we got it – witchhouse was meant to be a joke, so was zombie wave and downtempo crunk. But, mind you, oOoOO is serious business. With a sharp ear for dreamy dark pop melodies, Swishahouse grooves and heavy bass action, Frisco representative oOoOO (just say ‘OH’) caused excitement and awe just as his stage name would suggest. Starting out as a punk band guitar slinger, young Christoph Dexter Greenspan got sucked in by the mysterious impact of early Wu-Tang, and the combination of dirty drum loops and ghostly apparitions stuck with him for good. Fooling around with the screwed & chopped aesthetics of the Dirty Dirty, elements of goth and shoegaze, oOoOO kick-started a proper hype with what was once dubbed “dirge-disco, like Chic on downers”. His self-named debut EP saw the light of day in 2010 on quality imprint Tri Angle where his next release, ‘Our Loving Is Hurting Us’, is in the pipeline for Spring 2012. In this episode of Headphone Highlights, oOoOO deciphers the main influences of his soundtrack for a decelerated youth.

I don’t take witch house as a joke. Perhaps the name of the genre started as a joke, but I have no qualms continuing to call that stuff by this name. I like that name. Sue me.<!–


oOoOO – Mumbai – Tri Angle
Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M. – Loud Records
Space Cowboy feat. Nadia Oh – My Egyptian Lover – Tiger Trax
Gang Starr – The Planet – Chrysalis
MF Doom – Who You Think I Am? – Fondle’Em
Broadcast – I Found The F – Warp
Basil Kirchin – I Start Counting – Trunk
Glass Candy – Rolling Down The Hills – Italians Do It Better
Burial – Near Dark – Hyperdub
Juicy J – Pimp Dem Sluts – Unknown
Portishead – It Could Be Sweet – Go! Beat
PJ Harvey – The River – Island
Britney Spears – Get Naked (I Got A Plan) – Jive
Marina & The Diamonds – Obsessions (o0o00 Remix) – Unknown