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February 2, 2018

KUNZITE sure isn’t losing any time in unleashing their music upon us, even though the fascinating new project just made their debut with MONKS a few short weeks ago. And we’re not for complaining at all. Not only are they back with a new single, but the duo, whose ranks include Ratatat’s Mike Stroud and White Flight’s Justin Augustin, have already announced a debut album, too! Birds Don’t Fly is set for release on March 2nd. And the hotly tipped pair regales us with more of their “multidimensional sound stream broadcasting from the inner depths of Earth, while simultaneously emanating from the heart of the Milk Way Galaxy” with VAPORS and its music video. KUNZITE’s sound is not easy to typecast. In fact, it subverts expectations with its spacey pop and dance ready groove. If VAPORS really were a sound stream from space, it’s a swift reminder that space itself is shackled to time… This song seems to defy delineations of eons and epochs. Funk guitars, behemoth pop hooks, and psychedelic flourishes abound on the flashy alt electronic jam. A free download of VAPORS is available from KUNZITE’s website, here

January 18, 2018

Kunzite is without a doubt one of the more intriguing newcomers of the new year so far. The project just debuted today with their first single, MONKS, an indie electro meets psych pop prancer with hints of reggae trickling through in its rhythmic cadence. The two producers and multi-instrumentalists who make up this band are no strangers to the music scene. Mike Stroud of RATATAT and Agustin White of WHITE FLIGHT are the gentlemen responsible for this sweet tune, and they describe their sound as a “multidimensional sound stream broadcasting from the inner depths of Earth, while simulataneously emanating from the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy.” More info about the pair can be found on their website, here. Spin MONKS on Spotify, here.

June 18, 2015

I’m sure plenty of you are excited over the fact that Ratatat is preparing to drop their first new album in five years. The Brooklyn duo already sent us into obsessive, overjoyed frenzy with Cream On Chrome earlier this year. They follow that epic tune up with a new one, a playfully smooth and chill groover named Abrasive, which comes with an animated video below. You’ll want to sway along to this one, in a light hearted, carefree way. Oddly enough, Abrasive is not at all abrasive. Instead, it’s some French house styled, Phoenix meets Starfucker slickness. Ratatat’s new album Magnifique will be out July 17th on XL.

April 14, 2015

I’m sure that by now, a large number of you have already listened to and fallen in love with the new Ratatat that gloriously appeared over the weekend. Cream On Chrome is the NYC duo’s first new jam in far too long, and the slick treat is a worthy psych, funk, and blues tinged groover. For those of you who missed the big reveal, this is your chance to get up on this tune. For the rest of us, it’s yet another opportunity to lose ourselves in the track and start boogeying around the room like there’s no tomorrow. Again. Watch the visuals Ratatat dropped for Cream On Chrome below. I swear, there’s some sort of Chinese/Asian music video and band name trend going on lately, more so than usual.

March 4, 2015

Today, Kid Cudi reminded us why he’s still held in such high esteem by so many. Today, Kid Cudi dropped new song LOVE, likely a track off his coming Man On The Moon 3 project. Cudi announced that the track was created during some recording sessions in San Francisco, and here I am, in San Francisco, with no idea that Cudi was even here. LOVE is self produced, with its keys crafted by Dot Da Genius. The song also samples one of his favorite Ratatat jams, Sunblocks. What is it about Kid Cudi that tends to grip me and never let go?

EDxHENDY the piano man

November 9, 2011

Came upon this guy’s youtube channel since he’s amassed a following for his amazing piano covers of songs, most of them R&B and hip hop trax from the likes of The Weeknd, Drake, etc but some other stuff too. I’ll just share a few here, if you like this kinda stuff, make sure to go to his youtube channel where he has a large repertoire of incredible covers. He’s got some mad talent for being able to do piano covers (note, not PLAY a cover with someone’s sheet music but to create his own versions on a piano). 

I’ll start with one of his most recent, The Weeknd’s Thursday, which multiple artists such as Illangelo and The Weeknd himself have been directing people to go listen to:

The guy’s obviously a big The Weeknd fan (duly deserved), here’s another one:

Next, one of my favorite Kid Cudi songs:

Howzabout a little “classic” Lupe?

And of course, OF COURSE, there HAS to be a Lana… We’ve heard a piano cover by Jamie Cullum of Lana’s Video Games, but hear this and find out how good Blue Jeans can be on the piano when adapted by EDxHENDY! Love it and wish I could access sheet music from this fella for a lot of these songs so I can tinkle away on the piano too and be a poser. 😉