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November 17, 2016

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November 15, 2016

Radical Face, or Florida native and multi-instrumentalist Ben Cooper, is one of those gifted artists who can’t seem to stay away from making sweet music. He just finished releasing his three album The Family Tree conceptual saga after working on it for a whopping eight years to much critical acclaim, and here he is again with a new EP on the horizon. Sunn is the first single revealed from the coming record, and what an exquisite beauty it is, too. Sunn slowly unfurls with such grace and introspection. It’s a torpid meandering, sparse absorbing indie gem that swallows us whole. Ben explains: “I’m producing the tracks entirely based on sounds that I like right now – drum samples from old records, pianos played with old mellotron master tapes, tracking vocals with almost broken microphones.” He also reports that none of the songs on his new EP will sound similar. I look forward to those unexpected delights coming our way. 

March 27, 2016

On Friday, the final album in Radical Face’s The Family Tree trilogy was released. The project, created by respected musician Ben Cooper, has been deep in the midst of telling us a story about a 19th century family with supernatural abilities, ranging from being able to see spirits to bringing the dead back to life. Not only is Ben Cooper’s raconteur skills much alluring, but his music on these albums has been incredible as well. From final album The Leaves comes The Ship In Port, whose lilting melody, delicate vocals, and endearing charm take us on a magical journey. The orchestral folk pop song builds in majestic splendor, enveloping us in lush, symphonic wonder by the finishing bars. Stream The Family Tree: The Leaves album in full on Soundcloud and purchase from iTunes.

February 5, 2016

Radical Face just one of so many musical projects Ben Cooper is involved in, but this one is a solo venture in the midst of releasing a concept trilogy entitled The Family Tree. The trio of releases tell the story of a 19th century family who have supernatural abilities, ranging from seeing spirits to bringing the dead back to life. The final part of that series, The Leaves, is due to be released on March 25th. From The Leaves comes a gorgeous indie folk song named Secrets (Cellar Door). The Florida based singer songwriter has my heart in the palm of his hand with the tune, a soft and gentle, yet lush and luminous beauty. Ben Cooper draws us into a wondrous world of fantasy steeped in familiar, age old human emotions. Secrets (Cellar Door) is available now on iTunes. Head to Radical Face’s Soundcloud  to stream the prior parts of his The Family Tree trilogy.