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June 18, 2016

May start posting these ongoing “MOOSIQ MOSAICs” direct on IHM for those who haven’t had time to catch up on daily features and want to stream some rad new tunes via a handy Soundcloud playlist. Been doing this for awhile now, but likely many are still not aware (particularly if you don’t follow IHM on Twitter or Facebook). This one’s sonic gold, so many sizzling hot jams featured earlier this week on June 15th! Only songs that are streaming in full on Soundcloud are included in these playlists, snippets and previews are excluded. 

June 16, 2016

Young Canadian artist Raahiem might be the most promising newcomer in the R&B scene right now. The 19 year old, who previously worked with OVO affiliated duo dvsn, is on a sure path to great success as a solo act. The soulful R&B on Raaheim’s second song, Dive, is pure and sublime. His exquisite vocals have a bit of that Rhye androgynous touch and some of The Weeknd’s dark ruddiness. It glides seductively with satin ease through Dive’s foggy luxuriant, murky moist atmosphere. Haunting beats add to this serenade’s flushed entrancing power. Dive follows on the heels of ambient drifting Fear, Raahiem’s first solo single, which you can stream from Soundcloud below.