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October 19, 2016

Future Magic arrives as a new addition to my radar. The Toronto producer describes his music as rock inspired, melody driven anthemic bass. He certainly lives up to his name on his new remix, a magical future edit of Feenixpawl and Apek’s Quicksand. The skyscraper dance remix rockets us straight up into the stratosphere on swells suffused with majestic grace and emotive grandeur.  Future Magic’s remix is a free download, here.

August 31, 2016

Twilight rhapsodic melodic bass fills up our hearts with sublime feels as Los Angeles based producer Spirix presents us with his latest remix, a beautiful edit of Feenixpawl and APEK’s Quicksand which premiered on Spirix lifts us up into the cosmos with progressive building house before dropping us into a roiling world of stuttering bass and epic synths. This is the sort of heart rending electronica that evokes ILLENIUM and Dabin. The original track is out on various outlets, here.

September 25, 2015


It’s been several months since Liverpool alt folk duo Katie and I melted us with their debut gem Quicksand, but lest your heart has fully recovered from that stirring piece of music, it’s time to dive back into the duo’s ocean of breathtaking, emotive sound. You see, Katie and I have returned with a second song, Bones, and it’s just as incredibly moving and sigh inducing. Bones’ gentle guitar strums and tender harmonies are doused in alluring sweet honey, but they’re also sorrowfully weathered by the aches and pangs of love. The intimate heartbreaker soothes with a tranquil temperament not unlike the mellow ambiance on Oh Wonder’s music, but Bones is much more of a delicate jangler that brims with an earthy charm arising from its rich pastoral foliage. Bones is a gorgeous second release from Katie and I, who met at university and came to realize through their blooming friendship that both their voices and their songwriting skills were a perfect match for creating and delivering compelling music. It’s obvious from Bones that Katie and I are also sharply adept lyricists. I find myself thoroughly lost in the poetry and imagery of the song. While we’re here, and as Bones leaves me in a rather wistful mood, let’s re-visit Katie and I’s heart string tugging Quicksand below again.

June 25, 2015


Get ready, because you’re about to experience a heart string tugging beauty from a new alternate folk duo from Liverpool named Katie and I. Their debut song, Quicksand, is an immensely moving and earnest ballad. It’s a lovelorn gem that gradually blossoms, ripens, and bursts with exquisite, sorrowful sentiment. Quicksand’s stringy arrangement blooms from stripped down, caressing guitar licks to overwhelming cinematic splendor, accompanied tenderly by effortlessly melting harmonies. There’s an earthiness to the song, reminiscent of Mazzy Star, but drenched with a soothing airiness and delivered with finely balanced dual vocals, evoking a fusion of Oh Wonder with some Band Of Horses. 

Katie And I met while at university, soon realizing that their voices and friendship combined perfectly to make an interesting, compelling songwriting duo. Sure enough, Katie Overbury and Lewis Veakins’ vocals thoroughly compliment each other on Quicksand, enhancing one another with impassioned allure. Their pastoral blend of endearing acoustic folk and intimate vocals is some of the most heart rending music I’ve encountered in a very long time. Quicksand draws you in promptly, and before you know it, it engulfs your very being. There’s no escaping its folds of gentle heartbreak. Like love and heartache, Quicksand is a soft bed of roses, with its fair share of bittersweet thorns. 

While it’s an absolute honor to premiere Quicksand on I Heart Moosiq, my buddy DJ Liz is also giving the song its American radio premiere tomorrow morning (June 26th) at 7:30am PDT over at Neon Daydreaming on KUCI 88.9FM in Southern California. Watch out, Katie And I is about to purloin countless hearts.