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February 15, 2017

I happened to be scouring my Facebook feed as I usually do when I encountered this scuzzy gem of a tune from a project named Shit Girlfriend. The UK/LA outfit is a side project created by Blood Red Shoes’ Laura-Mary Carter and her BFF, Natalie Bang Bang, and their sure is a lot of “bang” in their noise punk and grunge pop tune, Mummy’s Boy. This sharp cracking song comes with a bold cheeky video, too. Shit Girlfriend tagged their riotous tune “#periodpunk”. I’ll certainly be finding out more about this pair. 

January 14, 2017

These last couple of years have proven how much of a sonic chameleon Grace Mitchell can be, but whether it’s her earlier songs, her glitch pop concoctions, or now, her rocking new single, the Portland starlet always delivers the same fire and passion that has drawn us to her from the start. Kids (Ain’t All Right) is a noise pop slasher and an alt rock slosher. Mitchell’s sultry vocals add to the gritty allure of this rabid inferno, a 90′s grunge and punk imbued crimson burner. We’ve been huge on Grace Mitchell for awhile now, but this year will be her greatest yet. Mark my words.

November 2, 2016

It’s a mellifluous yet coarse, catchy yet vehement fusion of punk and pop that Australia’s WAAX ropes us in with on their new single Same Same. This riotous jaunting alt rock song bursts with spunky energy and angst ridden mettle. The five piece band has been creating quite a stir for some time now back home in Brisbane. Their sphere of influence will surely continue to expand across the globe if they continue to dish out such wildly riveting, rowdy gratifying rock. Just listen to prior single, This Everything, a see sawing spectacular which you can stream below. Same Same will be out as a single on November 4th. These new tracks are leading up to WAAX’s sure to be exhilarating second EP. 

October 7, 2016

Considering the fact that this next band, Jacuzzi Boys, is based out of Miami, Florida, I have to say that I hope they’re standing up to that crazy hurricane safe and sound. They do sound like resolute and stalwart fellows considering the whirring power of the band’s new song Lucky Blade. This incandescent sawing punk rock and

ridged hooking alt pop aggregate is sun kissed scuzzy yet enthralling raw. It’s no wonder Iggy Pop considers them a favorite young band. Lucky Blade is a preview off of Jacuzzi Boys’ forthcoming album Ping Pong. You can pre-order Ping Pong from iTunes ahead of its October 21st release date.

July 13, 2016

Slumberland Records and Fortuna POP! are teaming up to release a compilation named Continental Drift on August 26th. The eight song sampler delves deep into some of what they consider the finest indie pop out and about this year, and it includes this gem, Horror Movie, from Baltimore’s Wildhoney. I love horror movies, so the title of this song piqued my interest straight away. But Horror Movie isn’t what you might expect it to be. Though its lyrical content is dark, Wildhoney’s bouncy song shimmers airily and skips weightlessly. This is a shoegazey delight, a dreamy twirler that fuses slivers of brooding pop punk with sun bleached guitar pop. Compilation album Continental Drift, which also features tracks from Mercury Girls, The Spook School, & Tigercats, is available for pre-ordering, here.

July 12, 2016

It’s a yelping riotous affair on Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All), Joanna Gruesome’s first new song since the Welsh band announced a huge personnel shake up. Back in early June,we found out about the departure of singer Alanna McArdle. She was replaced with Kate Stonestreet (formerly of Pennycress) and Roxy Brennan (of Two White Cranes and Grubs). I’m sure this change up left many fans disoriented and curious about the fate of the Joanna Gruesome.With Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All), the now six piece prove their reconstructed mettle. The sharp serrated punk pop clamorous tune is available digitally from iTunes or on limited edition 7″ blue vinyl, here. The band is currently writing their third album in a “secure location”.

March 9, 2016

I must have missed the news that SoCal sister band Bleached are preparing to release a sophomore album, due out April 1st, which is already less than a month away. But such sweet news, belated or not, is much music to my ears, having been immensely fond of the band’s beachy retro rock in the past. On Sour Candy, a new song from the coming album, Bleached goes more punky and chunky pop rock, giving us a fantastically fun and vibrant treat that I can’t stop listening to. There might even be a scarce few moments on Sour Candy where the names “Bleached” and “Bleachers” might seem interchangeable. Bleached’s second album, Welcome The Worms, is available to pre-order on iTunes.

March 3, 2016

There are some great new music videos out today for songs I avidly adore, so consider this one the first of many redux features to grace your ears. These are also fantastic chances for some of you to catch wind of these fantastic tunes if you happened to miss them up till now. First up is the magenta vivid video for DREAMERS’ Drugs, an epic pop punk and garage rock anthem from the Brooklyn based band. When I first shared this song last month, I marveled over the fact that songs like Drugs are all we need to for a giddy natural high. Drugs is a shaggy roller coaster extravaganza much like a blend of Weezer, WATERS, and Bleachers. Drugs comes off of DREAMERS’ You Are Here EP, out now. Stream and purchase You Are Here from various outlets, here

November 26, 2015

An intriguing young artist from Minnesota who goes by the well fitting name Karizma had me deeply fascinated by the music he releases on his Call Me Karizma project. New song Euphoria is lo-fi raw but melodically alluring, an angsty bedroom pop punk and mellow hip hop ballad which comes off like an idiosyncratic fusion of Blink 182, Youth Lagoon, Twenty One Pilots, Watsky, and My Chemical Romance.  Euphoria, as its name suggests, is a carefree, blithe sparkler, one I find infinitely addictive. Karizma just finished touring with artists including Mod Sun, Blackbear, and Max Schneider, and it’s obvious he’s already developing a devout fan base that will only grow fantastically in size. A quick dive into Karizma’s other music on Soundcloud lead me to a song that slipped by me last year produced by xxyyxx. Visit entrancing Karma, below.

October 27, 2015

Kicking it off today with some rambunctiously gritty punk pop fuzz via the latest from Leeds rockers Forever Cult. Tunnel Vision is a DIIV meets Weezer sort of angsty flood of reverb distortion and melodic hooks. The single follows on the heels of this summer’s snarling Arctic Monkeys evoking rock and roll jam, Antonio Banderas, which you can stream via its video below. Tunnel Vision will be out November 27th on 7 inch vinyl via Too Pure Singles Club.