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February 15, 2017

Yukimi Nagano lead Swedish outfit Little Dragon has been a favorite of mine for close to a decade now, so my Tuesday started out unimaginably fabulous when I woke up to a brand new tune from the alt R&B and indietronica band. Little Dragon bathes us with warm swirling fog on High, a plush song whose name pretty much summarizes how it feels. The woozy slow jam is an intoxicating trip. Its surreal haze directly translates into the song’s heady music video. Yukimi even sings “feel free to roll another one for me” on the song, so they’re definitely not holding anything back in regards to the drugged out vibes on their droopy new tune. Except we don’t really need anything else to feel inebriated when we have a song like this to dissolve into completely. Along with the new song comes news of a Little Dragon tour this April that takes them from California, through Coachella, and to the East Coast, at times with Glass Animals and GoldLink. Find High on iTunes, here.

January 12, 2017

It’s a rather sweet yet peculiar music video that Beaty Heart has unleashed for their ooey gooey delight, Glazed. Whilst the South London trio’s new visualizer seems a romantic romp, further viewing makes us wonder who exactly is involved in this relationship, human or machine? It’s a disconcertingly witty companion to one of my favorite tracks off Beaty Heart’s 2016 album Till The Tomb. Glazed is a flushed shimmering spiral, a psychedelic alt R&B pool of molten opulence. Our hearts overflow with love as Beaty Heart enfolds us in silky falsettos and a fleecy plush soundscape. You can purchase their album Till the Tomb from iTunes.

November 16, 2016

Gaze is exactly what I’m doing, deep into the nothingness of thin air as my mind drifts slowly with the languid rivers of succulent alt R&B and ambient electronica found on Tidelines’ new single. The London based duo are the epitome of sweet, molten intoxication on their song. The hazy surreal, dreamy aching, and woozy diaphanous ballad is as ghostly haunting as it is lustful rousing. For more of Tidelines’ music, head over to Soundcloud.

April 20, 2016

It’s been but a few months since Canadian newcomer Ursa Major first surfaced with stunning debut, Dusk, and he’s now unleashed a debut EP too. The 19 year old singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Toronto has crafted a five track compendium of moving R&B named Lo-Fi Sky. The title track is a simmering ballad with much ornate detail, its somber disposition and spaciously textured atmosphere reflective of the true grandeur and power of seemingly simplistic details we overlook in every day life. The DIY artist recorded his EP wherever he could, whenever creativity struck. Ursa Major calls his art psychedelic R&B. His music encapsulates those long sleepless nights when you’re sullenly stuck in your own head. All you want to do is trek out into the dark where you can lose yourself gazing deeply into the starlit sky. Yet, a bright orange sun prepares to rise from afar, bringing with it the warmth of hope. Stream the Lo-Fi Sky EP in full on Soundcloud.

February 26, 2016

Two spectacular and much polar opposite worlds have collided today. Much venerated Australian psych band Tame Impala have remixed R&B, funk, and neo-soul auteur Miguel’s Waves. The track is an Apple Music exclusive which you can stream in the embed above. The union of the two is a pleasant surprise, one that makes Waves so unmistakably Tame Impala in its swooshing guitar, wavy synths, and chromatic dustiness. This is music heaven.