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January 17, 2018

slenderbodies has deservedly become the talk of the indie scene after a splendorous 2017 in which they released break out hit Anemone as well as a stellar debut EP and an incredible remix of Zhu’s Hometown Girl. When the Los Angeles based indie duo headlined a show in San Francisco a few weekends ago, I made sure to make it out to catch one of my favorite rising acts, and I was prepared to dance to my heart’s content to their slinky indietronica and breezy whimsical psych pop, which oft reminds listeners of bands like Glass Animals and Alt-J, but with a heady infusion of psychotropic electronica. The pair dazzled us with their songs, and I danced in sync with a euphoric crowd, sure I was fortunate to see the duo in an intimate space before they play the big stages. Since then, slenderbodies has released an extended version of their Fabulist EP, and I’m overjoyed that it includes this new song, ‘blood to gold’, a perfect serving of their sooty wagging, breathy gusting, and guitar curling indie/art electronica. Stream slenderbodies’ Fabulist Extended EP, here, and mark these guys as rising stars.

January 4, 2018

Come January 12th, Boston indie duo Modesta will be releasing their debut studio effort, a self-produced four track EP entitled VHS. It’ll be just over a year since we first encountered the group’s indie electronica and R&B infused indie rock. The title track is a fitting homage to the 80s, considering its name. It’s also a spacey psychedelic, funky sashaying electronic cut, a bit like MGMT crossed with Tame Impala, with a drizzle of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s diaphanous glide. How else would such a song be delivered but with a music video that feels like we’ve stepped into an old VHS tape? VHS can also be streamed via Spotify, here. We’ll be waiting for the rest of the EP to arrive in a couple of weeks. 

November 28, 2017

Our first encounter with Gordo two months ago left us giddily trembling with excitement from the luxuriant R&B funk and lavish indie dance music that he served up on debut single Brady. The elusive Australian bedroom producer and singer songwriter has since returned with a succulent second single named Sad Hot Girls. You’ll find no sad girl here as I sway in bliss to to the silky opulence found on this lo-fi R&B funk and alt electro number. Its curling guitars and plush splendor are like Ben Khan and Jai Paul blended with groovalicious Toro Y Moi and the wavey, spaciness of Washed Out or Neon Indian. Re-visit Gordo’s debut single on Soundcloud, here.

August 29, 2017

New Sydney project Bus Vipers grabbed a firm hold of our ears a few moons ago when multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ahern dropped his debut on Future Classic, CSIRO Weeds, on which the intriguing artist melded crunchy curling psych rock and airy wafting garage pop. Bus Vipers has since dropped a couple more fine gems to solidify his artist to watch status, including this new single, Palace, a fuzzy sheared kaleidoscopic rocker. It follows closely on the heels of Bus Vipers’ new music video for prior busy burbling entrancer, Fluid, also a spectacularly engrossing psych jam. You can view the video below. These are songs that leave the Django Django, Temples, and Jagwar Ma fan in me rejoice endlessly. Palace and Fluid will be on Bus Vipers’ forthcoming Federal Highway EP, out September 8th. Pre-order from Future Classic both digitally and on 12″ vinyl, here.

July 18, 2017

Are you ready for a sonic safari? Because that’s exactly what we’re embarking on as we delve into this dazzling new tune from Flamingo Jones. Whatever island the Melbourne producer is evincing on The Island Does Crazy Things, I feel like I’m right there with him as I listen to this wild bonanza of lush psychedelic and tropical splendor. Nick Bond, the mind behind Flamingo Jones, tagged his experimental electronic masterpiece “nature beat” on Soundcloud, and he utilized a wide array of instruments to craft the worldly piece. The Island Does Crazy Things quickly brings to mind Animal Collective, with a touch of Baio and a sliver of Al Bairre. It’s a prime cut for those who really want an evocative jungle escapade. The Island Does Crazy Things is the second single from Flamingo Jones’ sophomore EP, expected to arrive later this year. You can purchase the song from Bandcamp, here.

July 29, 2016

Brooklyn’s Shapes On Tape brings us more of their dynamic blend of rock and dreamy psychedelic electronica on pulsing resplendent Wide Angle Eyes. There’s no doubt this song is “wide”, a neon expanse of 80′s evoking, wavy lush synthpop. “Take a picture in my mind, with my wide angle eyes”, they coo. But do we really need to when Shapes On Tape can capture the panoramas of our hearts with the lens of a gorgeous song like Wide Angle Eyes? Download Shapes On Tapes’ chromatic anthem from Soundcloud.

March 2, 2016

Some might consider this next announcement some of the best music news of the year so far. It’s certainly high up there for me too, if not at the very tippy top of my list. Much venerated synthpop and electronic project M83, fronted by the great Anthony Gonzalez, has announced their next album, albeit without Morgan Kibby who has left the band to continue pursing her solo career. New album Junk will be out April 8th on Mute Records, and they’ve unleashed the very first single from the album. M83 chooses to go in a surprisingly electro disco direction on Do It, Try It, a playful dalliance that starts with some ragtime keys before it launches into psychedelic levels of spacey electronics. Do It, Try It is strangely addicting though a completely different animal compared to the sweeping cinematic electronica we’re used to from M83. Speaking of animals, the song also comes with some adorable Yorkshire Terrier visuals in its YouTube stream. I’m not sure what’s going on with this new M83 project, but I’m digging it lots so far.