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February 2, 2018

Oakland native Arieh Berl continues to garner growing success with his solo project Pink Skies since his debut ‘Start. End’ half a year ago. In fact, attention has been so swift that some congratulations are in order. The multi-faceted musician, who’s also a member of local indie band Fever Charm, has signed his first record deal with HW&W Recordings, and he’s gearing up to drop Pink Skies’ first EP on the label later this year. Tonight, we groove out to the first single off the EP, an infectiously pumping psychedelic dance and electro-rock song named Reflections. Though we’re still much infatuated with Pink Skies’ prior singles and even his cover of 6LACK’s Gettin’ Old, there’s no doubt that Reflection is his best song to date. It prances and sashays with satin chic aplomb, like Electric Guest meets Broken Bells with extra pizzazz and spring. You’ll be hard pressed not to swing your hips and wag your head to the gallant rhythm of this flashy glittering, wavy rolling tune. Keep up with Pink Skies’ releases on Soundcloud, here, while we await further news regarding his self-titled debut EP.

October 24, 2017

Myd, a songwriter and producer from Paris, is signed to esteemed French label Ed Banger Records, alongside other beloved producers like Justice, Riton, SebastiAN, Breakbot, and more. So it should come as no surprise that his music is as swanky seductive and glamorously intoxicating as it is on new single The Sun, a spacey spiraling, woozy whirring dose of luminous French pop, nu-disco, and wonky electro. The Sun is like trademark Ed Banger French disco house meets Metronomy and MGMT. It’s lifted from Myd’s forthcoming EP, All Inclusive. You can purchase/stream the single via major outlets, here.

September 12, 2017

We have sonic tastemaker Blubb Blubb to thank for introducing us to this next hot one, as it first graced our ears on the indie curator’s Soundcloud channel, which you can find, here. Brady is a mysterious song from a new project named Gordo, and what a luxurious R&B funk and lavish indie dance jam it is. Gordo seems to hail from Australia, and his music carries the rich curling density of Jai Paul and Ben Khan. Brady is heady and woozy, sexy and steamy. Its watery psychedelia is an immensely ravishing experience.

June 30, 2017

They way Spirit Award sounds, I can’t help but be taken aback by the fact that the band doesn’t hail from either England or Australia. This new three piece comes from Seattle instead, and they’re already gearing up for a debut full length named Neverending set to arrive on October 6th. Lead single Fields is a spacey sprawling, bass driving psychedelic rock opus that evokes Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala, and the legendary Madchester scene of yore. Spirit Award has been working on their record for the past two years, hence garnering the name Neverending. With a first taste like kaleidoscopic dazzling Fields, it just might deliver neverending elation, too. 

June 8, 2017

I really dig Warbly Jets’ psych rock on their debut single Alive, which we gleefully shared late last year as soon as we heard it. The grimy sweeping, spacey wobbling garage chugger has since been remixed by the SoCal band itself, and boy have they done an umber on Alive. Pulsing rhythms, buzzing synths, and a whole lot of dance rock energy permeates this exhilarating banger. We’re more “alive” than ever as we lose it to this Justice meets Jagwar Ma dizzying dazzler. Warbly Jets leaves me breathless with their surprise remix. They’ll be releasing a second official single soon, and they’ll also be heading out on tour soon. In fact, they’re playing Popscene in San Francisco on June 12th next week!

March 11, 2017

Wooly Mammoths is a Belgium band who’s already been getting a lot of airplay back at home in Brussels. It’s no wonder, considering the kaleidoscopic splendor of their new single Water Slide. The psych pop band will be releasing their second EP later this year, and this smooth spiraling treat is the first single from that record. Its chromatic sheen and electro glaze immediately evokes some of our favorite psych bands, like Temples, Painted Palms, and Jagwar Ma, with a dash of Miami Horror’s more experimental incursions, like recent track Leila. Wooly Mammoths may very well be cropping up as new mammoths in the psychedelic pop scene. We’ll be on the look out for more details regarding their sophomore EP. 

January 5, 2017

Let’s revel in the fact that English psych rock band Temples will be releasing their long awaited sophomore album Volcano on March 3rd. I’m reveling extra hard, because I just pre-ordered the album this morning. Though I’m eager to hear the rest of Volcano, I must admit, I’m still obsessing over lead single Certainty. That dissonant streaking, serpentine twisting wonder recently received a wicked transformation under the hands of dance rock faves, Franz Ferdinand, in the form of a darkly mesmeric remix. Franz Ferdinand’s Certainty is near gothic tech at times in its chord progression and stuttering glitchiness, but it retains plenty of the original’s spacey flourishes, too. Every time you listen to this labyrinth of an engaging edit you’ll find new treasure.

December 15, 2016

Tim Sullivan’s chosen nom du plume name may be This Soft Machine (TSM), but there’s nothing soft about his new single Absence Of Rhythm. There’s also no lack of infectious cadence on the Munich based Australian producer’s explosion of spacey psychedelic, acidic searing indie dance. Absence Of Rhythm features buttery smooth crooning by The Land Below’s Erik Lindestad alongside its pulsating waves of euphoria. A touch of Madchester mixes with tons of DFA vibes on this whirling extravaganza.; The new official video for Absence Of Rhythm sports some colorful visuals to go along with the chromatic track. You can purchase the single from all major services, here.

October 18, 2016

If you’ve ever wandered what it would sound like if Empire Of The Sun and Crystal Fighters combined and went more acoustic indie and psychedelic folk on us with their alt dance, Little White Things offers up a resounding answer. The two piece from London call their music “dizzy pop”, and sure enough, their new single Corner Of spins us around fervently with jangling instrumentals and kaleidoscopic production. This lushly addictive jam will be a part of a limited 7″ set for release on December 9th via Chess Club Records.

June 15, 2016

Australia has proven itself a fine purveyor of psychedelic music, and continues to do so in the form of this new band, Nocturnal Tapes. The duo drenches us in glorious kaleidoscopic electronica on funky prismatic Pattern, for which a new music video has just surfaced. They remind me of fellow countrymen Jagwar Ma, but with a groovier, sultrier Nile Rodgers slink. Nocturnal Tape explains of the video: “We wanted to represent the ‘pattern’ of self expression through the young ballet dancers breaking the mould set by their teacher and letting go. They are breaking free of the pattern whilst letting it take over.” Pattern is available now on Spotify and iTunes.