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May 22, 2018

I’m still a little crestfallen that PRXZM has re-located to Los Angeles. It’s a story much too familiar and rampant, since everyone seems to like to make their way out to either Brooklyn or Los Angeles once the world picks up on their talent, but I still love to boast when an up-and-coming artist or band resides right here in my beloved Bay. Let’s take a moment to dissolve into the electronic duo’s second single from their forthcoming Come Alive EP, a slow burning, trap & bass infused electronica/electro-R&B track named Tell Me Something New, richly adorned with dark prowling beats and sultry vocals. PRXZM captures the restless feeling of being obsessed with a new paramour on the track, letting that immensely overwhelming experience materialize with tactile magnificence. Stream/download the voluptuous single, burning guitars and all, here.

May 11, 2018

PRXZM’s transcendental cover remix of LA producer William Black’s Letting Go, featuring Park Avenue, arrives like a soft, aching sigh, but it leaves us floating on cloud nine with its effulgent flickering, majestic marching beauty. Their milky smooth vocals and tender keys emphasize the original’s emotive future bass potency. Melancholia abounds even as we’re whisked away on a blissful journey by the refined rendition. I’ve always been drawn to sadness and the beauty it encapsulates in its own, unique way. PRXZM’s version of Letting Go is the epitome of all that I love about sorrow and joy. You can listen to the original, here.  PRXZM’s remix can be found on The Letting Go Remix EP, here.

March 7, 2017

I must confess, I’m a little bit sad that PRXZM no longer resides in San Francisco. The now Los Angeles based duo continue to climb the ladder of electronic perfection with new single, Come & See Me, their future R&B interpretation of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s song of the same name, originally featuring Drake. The dulcet honeyed cover is an appropriate late night companion, when the heart reveals its deepest longings and most painful regrets. Download PRXZM’s Come & See Me, here.

October 19, 2016

Los Angeles based San Francisco natives PRXZM and Germany’s Virtual Riot make a heavenly pairing on expansive sweeping, melodic trilling In My Head. This beauty of a future pop jam takes us to great moving heights of ethereal pleasure,with its wistful sparkling future bass and wavy stuttering house. The song first premiered on venerated YouTube channel UKF, and it’s also a free download, here.

May 24, 2016

There’s such a long list of impressive production talent and electronic visionaries residing in or originating from the Bay Area. In fact, some of the most popular or most respected producers of today are from here. Just to name a few examples, we have ZHU, Gryffin, ILLENIUM, and oh SO many more. Though they’re currently attending Indiana University, boy girl duo PRXZM are from San Francisco too, and their brand of future R&B and chill trap has grown ever stronger and more magnetic with time (and by time, we mean mere months, really). PRXZM entrances me with Strangers Again, the duo’s latest coquettish playful, airy ethereal delight. If you were to imagine Alina Baraz & Galimiatias or Danelle Andrade going Odesza and Jai Wolf, it just might sound like bittersweet twinkling Strangers Again. PRXZM reports that they’re sitting on a bunch of unreleased tracks for us, and we’ll get to hear them soon. In the meantime, we can download Strangers Again for free, here.

February 18, 2016

PRXZM is a production duo from right here in San Francisco, and they continue to impress and delight me with their latest, a cover of DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne classic I’m On One. They give the song a delicate touch on their effortlessly wavey future R&B and chill trap rendition, which they’ve named i’m on 1. The effervescent twinkler is free download, here

November 24, 2015

San Francisco production duo PRXZM reminds me why I was ecstatic to have stumbled upon the pair a month ago with new single The Night. While previously shared To U was more of a gentle future wave lullaby, PRXZM chooses to go hard on The Night, venturing forth into a world of dirty bass and choppy trap drums. They took a “little break” from their chill stuff to unleash this monster, and what a monster it is. In sweet contrast to the filthy production on The Night are the enchanting, heartrending vocals of the gem, which add a beautiful cinematic grandeur to the track. The Night is a bonafide trap banger, and it comes from a duo from right here in my hood. Free download, here.

September 26, 2015

Turning it down with a soft and supple beauty from San Francisco native PRXZM, whom I’m surprised I haven’t heard of until this week. Made up of a boy girl duo who are Indiana University students by day who transform like super heroes into professional bass droppers at night, PRXZM offer up a gentle future wave of bliss on To U. It’s a saccharine, fizzy lullaby both whimsically stimulating and soothingly relaxing. Download the dreamy reverie for free, here.