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March 23, 2018

joan tenderizes our hearts then liquefies them into molten goo with their new retro-pop heartrender, ‘i loved you first’. The Little Rock, Arkansas pair, who’ve also announced spring tour dates with San Francisco’s Geographer, deliver a prom-ready ballad drenched in tender melancholy and wistful sentimentality. ‘i loved you first’ encapsulates everything you wanted to say to your middle school first crush, but couldn’t without an adequate amount of self growth and reflection. Glazed chords, aching guitar, and joan’s sweet, glossy cooing brings back all the bittersweet feels of those ill-fated crushes and doe-eyed, youthful romances. If you missed out on joan’s music despite the fact that we’ve been fervently featuring the pair’s tunes for the past year, check out their prior releases, here. Keep up with the band and their tour dates on their website, here.

May 9, 2017

The Bad Romance that comes our way from Australian project Retro Culture isn’t a Lady Gaga cover. No, this is a dreamy pulsing electronic pop confection brimming with 80′s nostalgia instead of 2010′s gaudiness. Retro Culture recently converted from a solo bedroom project to a four piece lead by multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Connelly. This new iteration of the project has announced a debut EP named Wonderland On The Radio, and new track Bad Romance leads us straight into a “wonderland” that reminds us of naive hope, past heartaches, and broken promises. It’s as if we’re dancing again in a foggy mist, dressed in our prom dresses and our rented tuxes. Will we be hurt by the morning? Will we treat each other with reckless abandon? Retro Culture’s debut EP will be released on May 23rd. Bad Romance is available to stream and purchase in the meantime, here.