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Coheed and Cambria’s Deranged

September 14, 2011

coheed and cambria

Here’s the new Coheed and Cambria song Deranged, which is on the upcoming soundtrack for Batman: Arkham City (the video game). The soundtrack is filled with awesome artists/bands and I am waiting to check out the other tracks. Deranged sounds pretty good, definitely the usual enjoyable Coheed and Cambria type of sound, but softer.

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Second listen in, the song is growing on me a lot. Ballad-y, not as guitar awesome as some of Coheed’s other stuff, but so catchy and enjoyable. I like it. Claudio Sanchez’s voice is just so great. Does anyone know if their next album is going to be another concept/story one? I never did figure out all the story stuff from their past albums. I don’t suppose this song will be on the next album though since it’s for the Batman soundtrack?