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May 16, 2018

I’m grateful that Streets of Roya has unveiled a music video for his song Prisoner this week, otherwise it may have taken me much longer to pick up on his new music. We first encountered singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Wespi and his luscious alt pop late last year when he released his song All Eyes On Me. Our love affair with Streets of Roya continues with Prisoner, a bittersweet ballad whose tender acoustic guitar and aching vocals exude exquisitely melting devastation and remorse. Prisoner came accompanied by a B-side named Change, well worthy of many listens below, too. Prisoner is available from iTunes, here.

November 25, 2017

A new OK Go music video is always a momentous affair. After all, the alt rock/power pop veterans are well known for their exceptional creativity and skillful innovation when it comes to their visual accompaniments for their always catching tunes. In the music video for their song Obsession, which comes off of their 2014 album Hungry Ghosts, OK Go utilizes a crazy amount of desktop printers to create a jaw dropping stop motion animation clip. The band recycled all of the paper that was utilized for the video, as well as donated proceeds to Greenpeace. As always, it’s a clever and fun watch to go along with such a sprightly rollicking OK Go jam. And if anything is “obsessive”, it’s OK Go’s dedication to their audio-visual artistry.

OK Go says: 
“This video has a lot of flashing colors. If you’re susceptible to seizures, be careful, please. Your viewing experience will look significantly better if you manually set your YouTube resolution settings to 1440p or 2160p (for desktop, click the gear icon in the lower right). Just leaving it on ‘Auto HD’ results in some pretty intense distortion during a few sections, because when the the colors and patterns get crazy, there’s actually just too much information flying by for YouTube’s normal HD compression. We broke the matrix. The good people of YouTube have been working with us to solve this (it’s a bit rate limitation issue) over the last 24 hours, but there’s no quick fix, and now it’s Thanksgiving in the US, and we’re all with our families. We hope you like it! Many, many thanks to our collaborators at Double A (”

From the album Hungry Ghosts, out now everywhere:

January 9, 2016

Parisian production talent Tomsize made his remix of The Weeknd’s Lana Del Rey featuring Prisoner, one of my favorite Abel Tesfaye tunes, available on Soundcloud. This can only mean one thing: we must melt away to Abel’s creamy vocals and Tomsize’s ensnaring trap beats together in unison. Let’s close our eyes and hold hands to the endless feels on this sensational remix. Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd is heaven. Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, and Tomsize is eternal nirvana.

April 30, 2015

Emerging New York based crooner Jordan Bratton immediately captured my heart with his aptly named, swooning R&B pop song Prisoner, which even features Chance The Rapper. It’s a laid back, playful gem and sure hit off Bratton’s debut EP, Youth, out May 12th. The release will probably propel this guy to huge levels of buzz.

OFFICIAL VID: Binary – Prisoner

November 10, 2011

binary prisoners

Binary’s Prisoner is the new alternative London band’s debut single to be released later this month. I hear some The Cure… maybe some U2… definitely something along those lines of 80’s Brit synth pop. It’s nothing entirely new although the track is an enjoyable brooding session, and I’ll be waiting to hear more from the band to see whether they’re going somewhere or not. Even the name of the band feels like something from earlier glammy, dark Britpop synthpop days.